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The new dimension our company has taken compels us to be at the vanguard of innovation so we can adapt ourselves to the logics of the market and therefore be able to offer a continuous improvement of our products and services quality. All the resources of the company are directed to achieve a substantial improvement of the design, production, rental and sale of our concrete formwork systems. In this context Alsina has a specialized team dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and distribution of our products with the aim of guaranteeing the quality of the services provided.

Alsina firmly bets for the investment in innovative production equipments and sophisticated R&D&I techniques that add value to the market and project us towards the future. To prove this fact there are more than 100 products patented by Alsina that have revolutionized the formwork sector in the Building, Civil Engineering and Safety Systems fields. To this end Alsina has an extensive investment plan completed with continuous training processes for the company team. We think that we can only provide better solutions to our customers through the best team and techniques.

The closest people to the customer during the implementation of a project are the components of the Technical Department team. During the implementation of complex works the Technical Department, working together with the customers’ technicians, provides solutions that allow resolving effectively the problems that may arise during its construction. It is important to highlight our special formwork manufacture service, brought about by the singularity of certain works needing components exclusively designed for the implementation of structures with a non-standard design. Alsina has technical staff in all the subsidiary and regional offices of the Group with the aim of providing local technical support for the implementation of the most complex designs.

As typical manufacturing activities we highlight the formwork wood panels factory located at Montcada y Reixac (Barcelona) and the metal equipment assembly plant at Sentmenat (Barcelona). At the same time, Alsina Group has a wide logistics network. These facilities are completely owned by the company so we can ensure the supply of new material, the preparation of orders and in relation to the return of hired material its classification, cleaning and reparation.

Alsina bases its economical activity on the sale and rental of concrete formwork systems. Nevertheless and under exceptional circumstances, Alsina offers the possibility of tendering the assembly of complex propping systems such as shorings and scaffolds. The Sales Manager of your area is at your service to listen to you, advise you and to always offer you the best alternative to solve your “on site” concrete design.

Alsina is a company that is constantly renewing and improving its range of formwork systems. Often these improvements mean a workmanship’s lack of knowledge about the advantages of working with new systems. Therefore, Alsina’s commercial team is constantly taking training activities “on site”. The experience obtained from these training sessions helps us in the difficult task of communicating the progress of Alsina in the improvement of formwork systems and processes.

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