Alsina group technical office

Alsina has its own technical office: AlsiTec. It is comprised of professionals with proven experience in studying works and providing comprehensive and cost-effective solutions.

All Alsina technicians are connected through a know-how network which allows them to be continuouslyinvolved in training. Our clients benefit from the accumulated experience in solving works worldwide.

  • Comprehensive technical service accessible at all subsidiaries of the group.
  • We study each particular project to provide the best solution every time.
  • We specialize in adapting to changes and requirements of the Works.
  • We offer cost-effective solutions, proposing a combination of Alsina systems.
  • We have a division for designing tailored and comprehensive solutions.

Complex studies

Some formwork solutions require a preliminary study to ensure the use to which it will be subjected.

Certified Calculation

Sometimes it is necessary to conduct a certified study of the solution provided, for which Alsitec has its own engineers.

Software development

Alsitec has developed more than 50 programs of its own for structural calculation and formwork system layouts.

Using our own Software

Using our own programs allows us to offer clients tailored solutions; we study 2,000 works every year.

Technical Layout

We provide detailed drawings and a count of all the proposed solutions, thus ensuring the client’s success.

“In situ” Service

Complex structures require a preliminary study to provide the right solution safely and profitably.