Alsina Mission

“Provide Solutions for Concrete Structures that help our Clients improve efficiency and safety in projects through dedicated service integrated within the Global Market, innovating and investing in People as a fundamental component of the business.”

Alsina Values

Integrity: We value integrity above all and this means being sincere, honest and true to our Word.

Innovation: We are engaged in constantly searching for new ideas and improvements in everything we do, both in products as well as business processes, in order to be useful to our clients.

Simplicity: We conduct business naturally, in a friendly and humble way, far from arrogance and pride.

We have deep respect for the individual: We show special consideration to others, especially to our employees who help create our family business spirit.

Commitment: All of us at Alsina are committed to and truly excited about the business plan.

Productivity: Productivity is the result of capable people who strive in the pursuit of simplicity in processes and decision-making.

Teamwork: For us, teamwork involves coordination, trust, sharing and generosity; specially communication and participation regardless of the level of responsibility.

Customer focus: All the above values are at the service of our clients. The client is our reason for existence as a company and the center of all of our activities. Our organization and processes are geared to anticipa- ting and meeting their needs.


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