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60th Anniversary of Alsina

A warehouse was set up in Barcelona in 1950 for the distribution of wood for cabinetmakers, carpenters and constructors. This was the idea of the Grupo Alsina which today, is one of the largest companies worldwide that provides a comprehensive service for the study, calculation, design and supply of formwork equipment for the execution of onsite concrete structures.

During these first sixty years of its existence, Alsina made significant contributions to the technological development towards considerable improvements of concrete pouring processes. Some of these advances are: recoverable wooden boards, recoverable Meccano® systems for framework formwork, the introduction of new materials, such as duraluminium, curved formwork systems with integrated radius, the first stanchion with discharge officially-approved by EN-1065, manual clamps for wall systems and Alsipercha, the pioneering anti-fall system.

Its engineering department has produced more than 100 patents and utility models. Its technological advances have industrialised onsite concrete structure execution, in addition to providing added value in safety and ergonomic matters.

If Alsina has now reached its 60th anniversary, it has not just been because of its innovation, but also because if its ability to reinvent on several occasions, according to Jaume and José Alsina Oliva, the company managing directors. To the point whereby the national company specialising in building structures did not hesitate, a decade ago, to seek out new business and orientate its strategy towards civil works, safety and international presence as bastions for the ambitious plan “6-6” that is intended to place the company in 6th place in the world within six years.

Despite not being in the consumption sector, or listed on the stock market, its brand-name is one of the most widely recognised in the construction sector. This is due to its ability to maintain its name linked to a company with solid values, its innovating drive, comprehensive customer service and for having one of the best work teams in the world.

Alsina is a group employing over 500 people and is present in 12 countries, with 25 work centres that continually provide the best formwork solutions, now and always.

Alsina thanks all its surroundings, current and previous employees, suppliers, clients, schools and organisations for their help and collaboration during all these years.

Barcelona, March 2011

Alsina Today is a publication edited by Alsina Group. It gathers the latest news of the concrete formwork sector and, in general, the news of the construction industry directly or indirectly related to Alsina.

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