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Mecanoconcept: Non Residential Facilities

Alsina Spain Madrid participates in the construction of the new Banco Popular headquarters

The construction of the new Banco Popular headquarters, built in Madrid and in which Alsina is collaborating, is keeping pace. After carrying out the special pillars implemented with Alsina´s equipment, now we are proceeding to supply ceilings. Dragados has begun its implementation with boards, but as they get closer to the surface, Alsina is increasingly providing horizontal formwork systems.

While the first phase, we are supplying Mecanoflex and Vistaform Slabs equipment, both with steel props and A-lite aluminum struts. In short, the shoring system equipment will be provided, and hopefully that will end with the hire and supply of Alumecano and CL-40 boards for the execution of the slabs above grade.

Alsina Spain Madrid also collaborates in the installation of formwork equipment. This service is impacting very positively on work productivity, helping to fulfill the work plan set by the Property.
Alsina systems: Alumecano, Multiform slabs, Alsina cl-40 shoring system

Internal Security Forces Camp in Duhail, Doha (Qatar)

Alsina is currently working on the construction of the Internal Security Forces Camp in the city of Doha (Qatar).

For several months Alsina has already supplied Alumecano and Alisply Walls equipment for the construction of this building, which is being executed with our Mecanoconcept system for the first time in the country.

Despite the initial reluctance to change the system, the client is currently very satisfied with the high performance work of Mecanoconcept system, which once learned by the operators is giving high productivity results: while the first floor, of 3000m2, was executed in 4 months (at a rate of 750m2 every 15 days), the second floor, which has the same area, it is being executed at a rate of 600m2 every other day, so it is expected to be finished within 15 days.

Mecanoconcept is a formwork system designed by Alsina with proven efficacy for more than 40 years in Spain and is currently being exported internationally. This mechanical and simple formwork system achieves high productivity due to its versatility for the implementation of all types of formwork and allows recovering up to 80% of the formwork equipment used within three days of concreting, so that it can be reused for shuttering higher slabs.

Alsina systems: Alumecano, Alsipercha fall prevention system

New BBVA Bank Headquarters in Madrid - Spain

The site BBVA has procured for its new headquarters is located on the periphery of Madrid. It is surrounded by streets of newly erected offices, commercial buildings, and residential developments. It is a “site without qualities”, a desert-like place. We propose the creation of an artificial garden, an oasis, evolving from inside out—a place that establishes a balance between the natural environment and the buildings, and functions like a small city. Architects Herzog & de Meuron have designed this new headquarters for Spanish banking group BBVA.
A linear structure composed of three-story buildings, alleyways and irrigated gardens is laid over the entire site like a carpet that follows the topography. Analogous to an Arabian garden, a cool, moist, fresh microclimate is created. Each workspace has a “green view”. The layout, with its horizontal branches, is more appropriate to today’s working world than open-plan offices, in which an employee feels like a number.

In order to make the BBVA stand out in the skyline of the capital, the carpet is cut out in an approximate circle and tilted upwards: the result is a plaza and a slender, disk-shaped tower. Plaza and Tower anchor the complex and provide orientation. The Tower, containing offices with views across the city and the Sierra of Madrid, contributes to the diversity of the workspaces.
Alsina is already supplying formwork equipment for the execution of one of the horizontal buildings. At this stage of the site are being implemented a total of 180,000 square meters of concrete structure.
Later the engineering expertise supplied by Alsina will help to execute the singular tower with circular shape. To emphasize the human and technical capacity of Alsina team joined the allowed range of solutions to solve the complexity of this unique project.

Alsina systems: Alumecano, Alupilar, Alisply heavy walls, One-sided walls 3-9 m, Alsina cl-40 shoring system, Climbing platform c-240, Multiform table, Site stair tower

Alsina Portugal holds the project Adega Casa Sarmento

Project conducted by Alsina Portugal along with the arquitects Eduardo Souto Moura, 2011 Pritzker Prize seller, and Joaquim Portela.

The project implies the construction of a two-story building that will function primarily as a wine production cellar as well as a restaurant.

So far Alsina has been mostly involved in the implementation of the building external walls with Alisply Circular and the implementation of the zero level slab with 6 m struts. Soon the Level 1 slab characterized by a great technical difficulty will be executed, in which Alsina will contribute with its shuttering formwork AR-80 and Multiform.

Alsina systems: Multiform slabs

Energy Dome Building in Soria, Spain

Located In Soria (Spain), the Energy Dome emerges from an opportunity to design an institutional building that is programmatically flexible, capable of catalyzing energy-related initiatives in the Castilla y León Region, and at the same time part of a regional project spanning the length of the Douro River, where the Energy Dome will be the first of several cupolas scattered along the lazy flow of the river.

Alsina systems: Multiform slabs

Jacksonville Hotel in Uruguay

Construction of a four-star hotel on the campus of Jacksonville. Alsina
supplied Europly, Alisply Walls and Alsipercha.

Alsina systems: Alisply heavy walls, Alsipercha fall prevention system

Giax Tower in Italy

The Bovisa-Dergano-Imbonati is in full swing, redevelopment of the through line 3 of the Metro, the new Polytechnic, the Triennale Bovisa, and numerous contributions to the recovery of environmental quality and land. Within a private street, just 50 meters from the Metro Dergano 3, in the area of the most lively cultural and social transformation of the city, Giax Tower is in the center. In individual garages are provided connections for charging motorcycle, bicycle or electric cars, a counter staff. To be eco-friendly as well, also quiet .

Alsina systems: Alumecano, Alisan panel

Carthage College in Wisconsin, USA

We provided the shoring system for 6 levels of shoring for the student housing (dorms). The engineer determined 4 levels of reshoring was required. We came up with an affordable shoring solution utilizing HT Wood beams as joist and stringers and A3 post shores.
This solution allowed to bid more aggressively and obtain this project. There was a cantilevered beam along the perimeter of the building.
Because the ground was unstable we were unable to shore down to the ground. Instead we used C240 as a wall bracket.

Alsina systems: A30-a35-a40 prop

World Trade Center in Paraguay

This 27 plant business center construction involves an area of 86,000 m2 slabs, for which Alsina proposes the Alumecano system with Alisan boards. For the walls and the foundation shuttering Alsina hasproposed the Alisplaysystem, as well as the Alispilarand Springformsystems for the pillars construction.

Alsina systems: Alumecano

Begonias Tower in Perú

This building is located at the intersection of the two busiest streets in Lima and will consist of 26 floors at four meters each and eight basements. Alsina was chosen for the installation of the slab perimeter of the basement area thanks to the great work performed by Alsina engineers, who recommended the Mecanoflex system to undertake a project that required a flexible system while supporting the highest
productivity. It has received customer approval, in that upon reaching the first floor, Alsina was chosen for the execution of the core of the building. The combination of A40 Post-shore with the Mecanoflex system has roven to be key to achieving high productivity rates while being completely safe, especially in the removal process.

Alsina systems: Alulosas, A30-a35-a40 prop

Business Centre Parque Titanium in Santiago, Chile

Parque Titanium is a unique project in a unique location with over 6 hectares of green areas and it is strategically located in the front row of Santiago business centre.
Parque Titanium will consist of 3 Class A buildings, each with 23 floors, plus 4 underground parking and storage levels to facilitate business operations and logistics. The towers will offer floors with up to 1,000 sq.m. of office space – each competitively priced to optimize the investment.
Our Tables were specifically designed to address the complexity of the site, also adding smaller Tables to resolve the implementation of the beam on the perimeter of the entire plant.

Alsina systems: Alulosas

The Director of the Basketball World Palacio Multiusos de Gran Canaria, Spain

The Director of the Basketball World Cup, Miguel de la Villa, accompanied by the people in charge of the construction, visited the works being carried out in the Palacio Multiusos de Gran Canaria to which Encofrados Alsina supplies equipment for the construction of the grandstand slab.
This project is of great importance to which the company has sent large amount of formwork materials: AR-80 Shoring System, Multiform, Alumecano, Alispilar and the steel mesh barrier.
The most distinctive feature of this work is the modular formwork finishing of the grandstand “Trough” concrete slab designed by the company. “Trough” is what is called the lower slab of the pavilion grandstand (due to the truncated inverted pyramid shape with a rectangular base similar to the utensil used to knead bread).
The formwork system for the trough shaped stand for the Palacio Multiusos de Gran Canaria is made up by a Multiform Alsina type structure, which adjusts to the geometry of the slab.
The Multiform structure stands on CL-40 Shoring System of Alsina’s Multidirectional System type. Each system module, once assembled, is manually moved by rack carts. In this way, the total amount of shoring system assembled and disassembled is minimized and the time spent on the lifting equipments is optimized.

Alsina systems: Alumecano, Alsina cl-40 shoring system, Safety railings, Alsina ar-80 shoring system

Business Center in Constanta in Romania Alsina

Alsina Romania is carrying out the projection of an office building that will become the future business center of Constanta.
This building is located in Efori Nord, one of the busiest tourist areas in Romania, close to the Black Sea beaches.
Alsina is carrying out the project with one of the largest construction companies in Constance area. Nowadays the project is in its initial implementation stages, and formwork material for walls and columns has been supplied.

Alsina systems: Alupilar, Alisply heavy walls

New Cultural Centre in Pozuelo de Alarcón in Madrid

This Project is carried out by the FÜNDC architecture office. The pedestrianization of the area of the Plaza del Padre Vallet in said town has also been carried out in
this same project.
Moreover, the FÜNDC office (Fün Design Consultancy) of César García-Guerra, Paz Martín and Juanjo Unceta, all of them from Madrid, has carried out the enlargement and rehabilitation of the Town Hall which shall maintain its administrative use in the northern side and has enlarged the structure through cantilevers, where the New Cultural
Centre is located. In this way, the new construction shares the space with the old arquitecture, resulting in an attractive contrast.
In a project of high technical complications, Alsina has been the company in charge of finding a solution to the walls. For this purpose, Alsina provided the works with the
Alisply Walls, CL-40 Shoring System, Vistaform Slabs and horizontal Multiform.
The project was a complete success and Alsina received a highly positive response regarding the supplied material as well as the technical support in the construction.

Alsina systems: Multiform slabs, Alisply heavy walls, Alsina cl-40 shoring system

Sailing Technification Center in Cadiz, Spain

The construction of the Center for High Performance Sailing is done by the Council of Tourism, Trade and Sport of the Junta de Andalucía, in a public coastal plot ceded to the Andalusian Sailing Federation. The project consists of three sheds which will store dinghies, a main building that will include a residential area, classrooms and offices, and a fitness area, ceremonies hall and a large terrace from where you can see the racing area of the Bay of Cadiz as well.

Alsina systems: Multiform slabs, Alsina cl-40 shoring system, Alisan prop 1,5-6m

Alsina participates in the Westland Mall Project in Panama

Alsina Panama has recently undertaken the Westland Mall Project, which consists of a large shopping center (with an area of approximately 40,000 to 50,000 square feet) located in the district of Chorrera, Panama province.
This is one of the most emblematic projects in the area, which is intended to enhance the district’s commercial zone.
For this project, Alsina made their Alsina Work Tables systems available to the construction management, providing approximately 2,000 m2 of formwork in order to cover a slab area of about 8,000 m2.

Alsina systems: Multiform table, Multiform for bridges

Extension of Museum in Lugano, Switzerland

Located about 80 km from the city of Milan (Italy), the Lugano Museum is formed by an area of 168,000 cubic meters.
The building structure consists of some highly remarkable architectural enclaves. The building Hall consists of four bearing piles and roof with unidirectional beams of prestressed concrete. Museum building is formed by floors with beams to allow the light to pass through. And finally, the theatre is formed by solid structures of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete.
It is precisely on the walls of the theatre where the most complex technical solutions have been implemented. The theatre wall consists of one external wall, executed with the C-160 and C-240 Climbing System and another 30 cm thick wall which closes the whole space and which had to be made with the one-sided climbing system Multiform (MF1). The climbing platform was 3 mts, due to the pressure it had to face, and was formed by 3 comprehensive Multiform brackets.
The climbing system operation assumed the connection of the MF beam to the concrete wall, with dywidag bars, nuts and plates in the holes of the panels. This beam was connected to the vertical ones with the assembly of the MF Climbing system. Finally, the Alisply wall panel used was 3x2, to reduce the pressure of concrete over the system.

Alsina systems: Multiform slabs, Alsina cl-40 shoring system

Center of Contemporary Art, Navarra - Spain

Alsina Spain Aragon and Navarra has started work on the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (Center of Contemporary Art) at the University of Navarra, by the famous architect Rafael Moneo.
It is an emblematic project within the Navarra region, not only because of the name of the architect but also the uniqueness of the structure.
The project consists of the construction of concrete fair faced walls colored in different shades, and solid slabs of different thicknesses. Some of the slabs are placed more than 10 m high, requiring the use of a shoring system. In addition to the shoring system, for the rest of the project, Alsina Spain Aragon and Navarra will ship to the site Alisply Walls and Alisply Circular, C-160 Climbing Platform, Vertical Multiform and Mecanoflex.

Alsina systems: Alisply circular walls, Alisply heavy walls, Alsina cl-40 shoring system, Climbing platform c-160, Multiform vertical

Mohawk Casino NY, USA

Expansion of The Mohawk Hotel and Casino in the Upper State New York close to the border with Canada in the Mohawk Akwesasne Native Nation territory.
The new 7 floor hotel has a steel frame. Alsina systems have been used successfully in the elevator and staircase shafts.
Large gangs of 20 ft (6m) high were flown per pour working on the top range of the C-240 climbing system allowance.
With the three structures combined approximately 7,000sqft 650 sq. m.)of Alisply wall system was being flown.
Alsina systems: Alisply heavy walls, Climbing platform c-240, Triple-hinged corner

Alsina Group participates in the construction of the tallest building in Peru

HSBC Bank’s new headquarters will be the tallest building built in Peru to date with a total height of 120 meters. Including the basement, the height of the building reaches 150 meters.
This building is located at the intersection of the two busiest streets in Lima and will consist of 26 floors at four meters each and eight basements. After the excavation and installation of the retaining walls, Alsina was chosen for the installation of the slab perimeter of the basement area thanks to the great work performed
by Alsina engineers, who recommended the Mecanoflex system to undertake a project that required a flexible system while supporting the highest productivity.
The response to the system has been outstanding since the beginning of the project as the system adapts perfectly to the needs of the project managers and supports high rates of productivity. It has received customer approval, in that upon reaching the first floor, Alsina was chosen for the execution of the core of the building.
The combination of A40 Post-shore with the Mecanoflex system has roven to be key to achieving high productivity rates while being completely safe, especially in the removal process.

Alsina systems: Alulosas, A30-a35-a40 prop

Banco Santander Communications Tower, Spain

Alsina has made the Communications Tower on the Provincial Data Center of Banco Santander in the Spanish town Solares in Cantabria. For this site we have had to design a custom solution to solve the body form of the tower which consists of a hollow concrete element.
The Data Processing Centre (CPD) of Banco Santander will be ended at November 22th of 2011, and operational in the first quarter of 2012. This facility has been built in the industrial area Marina y Medio Cudeyo, placed outside of the town of Solares. The final investment on this site is around 240 million €, including place, civil engineering works and technological equipment.
When the CPD will be operational in 2012, 250 people will have a job and this facility will be connected with other large data centers of Banco Santander located in Madrid, London, Mexico City and Sao Paulo. The CPD is the most advanced technology of the five banks with operations in the world "and will be a reference for those who can build in the future."
This is a high-security facility, built following the highest international standards to address all hazards, electrical faults, bad environmental, earthquakes and other external aggressions. This facility will operate continuously throughout the year.
Alsina has realized the part of the site that corresponds to the Communications Tower CPD. For this purpose the special parts department of Alsina has had to design a custom solution to solve the body of the tower that consists of a hollow concrete ovoid. The tower had a final height of 55 m, it was performed in 12 stage with climbs of 4.5 m in height, the wall thickness is 60 cm.

Alsina systems: Alisply heavy walls, Climbing platform c-240

International Conferencing & Entertainment in Cracow, Poland

Imporant facility contracted with a total invest of €65 million. This project includes the construction of a center of 37,000 square meters and capacity for 3000 people, the destination for conventions and concerts.
The center, that should be open in August 2012, will have an auditorium, two conference rooms, and a parking garage with 350 parking spaces, and other amenities.
Alsina Poland has been the chosen company to complete the installation of the concrete slabs. The productivity of the Alumecano product and the experience that Alsina treasures in this type of projects has been the key to contractor having confidence in our company.

Alsina systems: Alumecano, Alupilar, Alisply heavy walls

New Town Planning Office in Murcia

The building consists of six upper floors made with the Alucubetas System, four underground floors and one 4000 m2 ground floor.
The Alisply Circular System was used for the execution of the semi-oval building area. With the Alisply Circular System and the Multipurpose System, some lollipop shaped suspended beams were made in the same structure.

Alsina systems: Alucubetas, Alisply multipurpose, Alisply circular walls, Alisply heavy walls

Miami Ballpark-Marlins Stadium - U.S.A.

Ambitious project in which Alsina was the company chosen to make several technically complex columns (specifically the two on the northern end and those on the southern end of the stadium) with angled double-sided walls. The columns on the northern end ware 48 m high with a total of 10 applications, while the columns on the southern end were 38 m high with 9 applications. In the first two applications of the columns, a combination of one-sided wall frames was used with the Alsina multidirectional system. After the second application the new T1C Climbing System designed by Alsina´s R+D Department was used. The Miami Ballpark is the first project in which this novel system was used, which can be applied in the following cases: one-sided straight and angled climbing walls, dams, two-sided angled walls (as is the case of Marlins Stadium) and two-sided straight walls with frame spacing up to six meters. The client was fully satisfied with the productivity and effectiveness of the new T1C Climbing System.

Alsina systems: One sided climbing system t1c

Duggi-Salamanca Health Centre - Tenerife

Construction of the retaining walls. Due to design requirements, the fi rst set-up (in which the M1C angle brackets were used) was made at a height of 2.7 metres. The rest of the set-ups (in which the C-160 platforms were used) were limited to 1.8 m. This height restriction did not result in inconvenience for the client since the wall is so thick that its construction was relatively slow (in total around 3,000 m3 of mass concrete used). The angle brackets were assembled with an inclination of 10º. Alsina recommended the use of concrete wedges, which turned out to be very successful.

Alsina systems: One-sided walls 3-9 m, Climbing platform c-160

Toledo Hospital

Construction of the structure of Toledo Hospital, awarded in phases with a total of 360,000 m2 of slabs. The fi nal phase under construction has 180,000 m2 and uses more than 10,000 m2 of Alumecano, 2,000 m2 of Alisply equipment, between curved and straight sections and, for the fi rst time, Alsicar is being used to move elements between floors and has been very well received on the job site. The project was designed by the famous architect Alvaro de Siza and features special elements such as exposed curved walls, which are being built using Alisplay system, and joint drawings on all the walls to matching the 7.20 m pillar interaxial distances.

Alsina systems: Alumecano, Alisply circular walls, Alisply heavy walls

Data centre in Cerdanyola del Vallès - Barcelona

Project of 16,000 m2, with 4 slabs of 4,000 m2 each, with a height of 5 m between slabs, except for the fi rst slab which has 6 m. The structure of the building is made up of post-tensioned oneway slabs with a thickness of 50 cm, resting on hanging beams with a section thickness of 90 cm and 90-cm capitals.To carry out the work, the multiform system was used in combination with Alsina A-lite props owing to the need for a fair-faced fi nish, the tight deadline and the need for the formwork to have a high load capacity.

Alsina systems: Alupilar

Ibermática Pavillion - Vizcaya

The Ibermática Pavillion is an office building in a technology park in Vizcaya.Alsina executed several double-height suspended fl oors with beams. The system used was the CL-40 Shoring System from Alsina whose versatility and lightness was key for a quick and effi cient execution. Alsina was responsible for the multidirectional assembly and the customer was very satisfi ed by the productivity of the system.

Alsina systems: Alsina cl-40 shoring system

Hospital in Viña del Mar - Chile

Expansion of the Hospital of the coastal town of Viña del Mar (Chile) with propping of metal beams and anchors. A large health centre with four fl oors above ground and three basement floors. For the work the Alisply system from Alsina is being used in various ways: Alisply Walls and One-sided Walls for the execution of walls against terrain. The fi rst basement level was executed without a crane, moving all the formwork by hand, which indicates the lightness of the Alsina systems. For the piles, the Alispilar system was used combined with Alisply Walls.The slab was executed with the Vistaform Slabs system. The height of the slab is 2.8 m on average. At the end of the work the customer was very pleased with the versatility of the Alsina walls system.
Alsina systems: Multiform slabs, Alisply heavy walls, One-sided walls 3-9 m

Hotel in Mataró - Barcelona

Alsina supplies formwork material and provides assembly services for the construction of a highly singular hotel at the Industrial Estate of El Rengle, in the coastal town of Mataró. One of the eculiarities of the design was the singularity of the columns supporting the whole structure, since they were not plumbed but designed with an inclination, lending the building a great howiness. The slabs of the building were implemented with the Alsina CL-40 Shoring system. Both, the assembly, responsibility of Alsina, and the formwork systems supplied, were carried out within the scheduled deadlines and the Client was very satisfi ed with the productivity shown by the Alsina systems.

Alsina systems: Alsina cl-40 shoring system

Arico´s Environmental Complex - Tenerife

Running a closed pipe using a domed structure. The closed pipe stretch had a 30 m length and the canopy had a 65 cm thickness.
The roof´s curvature ray was 3,5 m. The pipeline stalks were executed with Alisply Wall and the vault’s formwork support was performed using CL-40 Shoring System with a 1,09 x 1,09 confi guration. The vault´s formwork was performed with a network of HT-20 beams using the Alisán´s panels as a formwork surface. The advantage on using
the Alsina´s planned solution is the use of standard material, preventing the transport of specifi c material to vaulted structures in Tenerife. The client appreciated the wooden beams HT-20 lightness against metal beams.

Alsina systems: Alisply heavy walls, Alsina cl-40 shoring system

New Terminal Building, Pamplona Airport - Spain

The works consist of the implementation of 15.000 m2 of Alucubetas with different rib widths (16 and 20) and different dome heights (30, 35 and 40). From these 15.000 m2 of works, 3.000 m2 were built with 40 cm + 15 c.c. N20 Alucubetas system and a free height of 8,60 m. With the aim of avoiding the double propping of those 3.000 m2 it was decided to place the domes on a Multidirectional Shoring System. In addition to these 15.000 m2 the roof was formed by 90x200 girders with a total height of 12 m, for which 30.000 m3 of shoring system were needed. Due to the complexity of its construction it was required to design special solutions along the development of works.

Alsina systems: Alucubetas, Multiform slabs, Alsina cl-40 shoring system, Alispilar

Krakow Technological Park - Poland

The new Technological Park of Jagiellońskie Centrum stands just in the heart of Krakow (Poland), a complex of modern facilities called to become one of the technological engines of this Polish city. For the implementation of the structure the company FORBAU SP assigned the project to Encofrados Alsina. Approximately 5.400 m2 of Alumecano system were required to carry out the structure. The columns were implemented with Alispilar system and Springform was also used to allow the implementation of different phases.

Alsina systems: Alumecano, Alupilar, Springform columns

Lloret de Mar Casino, Spain

This singular building with high finish black concrete is located in the Mediterranean area of Lloret de Mar, situated in Costa Brava (Girona).
The main structure consists of post-tensioning walls and beams with variable edge of 3 and 5 m.
The shoring of the beams has been realized using Shoring System AR-80.
El apeo de estas jácenas se ha realizado utilizando Cimbra de alta resistencia AR-80.
This shoring system supports a post-tensioning slab, a ´sandwich´ type, that must be re-shored to support the loads of the superior beams.
The building shape consists of an annex module to access the main space, formed with inclined to 2 sides 45-degree slope slabs, respecting the horizontal level.

Alsina systems: Alumecano, Alupilar, Alisply heavy walls, Alsina cl-40 shoring system, Alispilar

L´Illa Diagonal Hotel – Barcelona

New project by prestigious Spanish architect Rafael Moneo, in which he once again placed his trust in the excellent results provided by Alsina formwork systems. Building in which lightened "sandwich" slabs were made using our Alumecano system, in addition to cambered slopes using customised Alisan XXI Panel.
The excellent performance of the 3 x 1 and 3 x 2 m modulation of our Alisply Wall system was also of great importance in building the walls, over 8,000 m2 in total. In the end, a total of 35,000 m2 of slabs were built.

Alsina systems: Alumecano, Alisply heavy walls, Climbing platform c-160, Alispilar, Alsipercha fall prevention system

ONCE Headquarters – Barcelona

The project managers for the new ONCE Headquarters in Barcelona prioritised the quality of the finishes above all other aspects and trusted in Alsina systems to meet all its specifications: the modular nature of Alisply Walls allowed the marks required by the project to be drawn in the concrete, in addition to high-quality white-concrete finishes. Special plates were made when building the columns using Alisply Universal, and the fair-faced finish quality for the slabs was achieved using the Alucubetas temporary coffer system for the lightened slabs. In the end, a total of 40,000 m2 of slabs were built.

Alsina systems: Alucubetas, Alumecano, Alupilar

Oceanic Centre – Valencia

Complex including a hotel, a shopping centre and an office building located opposite the new City of Arts and Science of Valencia. Construction in which the dominant slab structure consisted of 30-cm slabs, made in a profitable and efficient manner using our Alumecano system: a temporary slab system that optimises rotation cycles and ensures a faster working pace for the project. In the end, a total of 130,000 m2 of slabs were built.

Alsina systems: Alumecano

Biomedical Research Centre – Barcelona

The new Biomedical Research Centre of Barcelona will be used mainly for genetic research operations. Alsina supplied the formwork for this unique construction. The construction process used most of Alsina´s formwork systems to complete a total structure of 50,000 m2.

Alsina systems: Alumecano, Alupilar, Alisply heavy walls, Alsipercha fall prevention system

Contemporary Art Museum of Aragon – Huesca

In the construction of this unique project by renowned architect Rafael Moneo, Alsina systems were able to successfully deal with the sinuous structure of the building. The Vistaform Curve system was essential for dealing with the changes in the radius of the walls and the architectural concrete finishes required for the project.

Alsina systems: Alumecano, Alisply heavy walls, 3-9 m aligners, Alisan prop 1,5-6m , Climbing platform c-160, Multiform circular walls

Albatros Office Building – Madrid

New office building in the Madrid town of Alcobendas, built entirely using Alsina systems. The building was completed in 12 months and the following Alsina systems were used to formwork the structure:
• 70,000 m2 of slabs with temporary coffers using Alucubetas.
• 75,000 m2 of grid slabs with Alumecano.
• 20,000 m2 of straight walls with Alisply Walls.
• 1,000 m2 of slabs with Vistaform Slabs and Alisan Scaffolding.
• A total of 30 Alispilar column system were used.
• A total of 15 Alispilar Universal column system were used.

Alsina systems: Alucubetas, Alumecano, Alisply heavy walls, Alisan panel

Millennium Tower, Sabadell – Barcelona

Emblematic office building located on the Eix Macià in Sabadell. For the correct construction of this building, with a height of more than 90 metres, important aspects such as construction times and the amount of material required were taken into account. From the start, Alsina suggested using its Alumecano system for formworking the floor slabs. Alumecano is a slab formworking system designed to optimise rotation cycles and help maintain the working pace demanded by the project managers. For this purpose, Alumecano was designed with structural elements made from duralumin. The design of the components and the work organisation made it possible to obtain a very profitable work output.

Alsina systems: Alumecano, A30-a35-a40 prop, Alsipercha fall prevention system

Mieres Health Centre – Asturias

Several determining factors affected the setting out of the Multidirectional system. First of all, we needed to plan for its support at two different heights, since there was an intermediate floor. One of the parts had a clear height of 12 m and the other was approximately 9 m, so the setting out needed to adapt to this height difference.
The second determining factor was the metal columns installed prior to setting up the shoring system. These columns consisted of groups of three metal tubes, joined at the base and opening in a triangular shape towards the top slab (meaning that the metal columns were installed straight, diagonally or crossing the middle of the shoring system). This was of utmost importance when setting out on the main floor, when placing the towers, and later when installing the frame of girders, in order to clear the metal columns. Tubes and flanges were supplied so that, once the towers were in place, these metal columns could be fixed at the top so that no movements that might shift the columns would occur when concreting the slab.

Alsina systems: Alumecano, Alisply heavy walls, Alsina cl-40 shoring system, Alispilar, Alisan panel

Sabadell Airport Control Tower - Barcelona

Alsina designed a special solution that consisted of using the corners of the One-sided wall at 6 m to install a platform that could be used for formworking a slab at height. This slab had a thickness of 40 cm, approximately 17 m from the ground, overhanging the tower by 3.5 m. The conventional process for building this type of structure is to use shoring system, but it was necessary to provide access to the tower, meaning the entire perimeter of the tower could not be blocked with the metal rods of the shoring system. For this solution, Alsitec designed a special anchor for the wall, calculated to withstand the shear stress and pressure to which it would be subjected.

Alsina systems: Alisply circular walls, One-sided walls 3-9 m, Climbing platform c-160
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