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Alsina has diversified its activity in different business areas. All this effort makes us one of the first national and Worldwide reference when it comes to design, supply and supervise the use of formwork systems for the implementation of “on site” concrete structures. Our activity in projects of:
- Residential and non-residential building.
- Civil engineering.
- Formwork systems and processes safety.
- Training

More than 55 years innovating and solving the forming of structural elements in building, residential and service projects. In Alsina we are proud to say that we were pioneers in designing the mechanical systems for the implementation of slabs. Nowadays we continue innovating and bringing forward improvements with the same illusion as our founder.

Alsina’s participation in Civil Engineering projects is a reality: Alsina is the referent Spanish company in the supply of formwork systems for the implementation of hydraulic works. 300 implemented designs in the last years guarantee our capacity of implementing these kind of projects: seawater desalinisation plants, sewage treatment plants, reservoirs, etc. In addition we offer engineering and calculation services with the aim of optimising our range of formwork systems. We also work in the design of special solutions with the aim of being able to solve every kind of designs and structural elements.

In the design phase of the formwork systems, Alsina has always taken into account ergonomic factors to improve the operator’s activity. In the instructions manuals and in the technical support given on site we have prioritized the safety and productivity against other interests. As a result of this concern we have a worldwide unique Fall Arrest System designed to prevent falls from height during the decking process, and we continue working to provide safety features and above all to transmit the culture of the motto
Let’s work safely! as the only goal to achieve excellence.

Alsina has been developing for over a decade an intensive internal and external training plan orientated to the professional and academic background. In the professional background Alsina gives on site training; our Technician-Sales Managers, on the customers’ request, visit on daily basis many working sites where, in addition to advise them on the use and assembly of the different formwork systems, they can give training sessions. In the academic background the training sessions are given by our training responsible. The experience and feedback from these training sessions help us in the task of communicating the progress that Alsina brings forward to the market in both, the improvement of our systems and the formworking processes.

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