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What is the next challenge for Alsina? Digitize, Attract Talent, Efficient, Supportive, Human, etc … whatever it is, we will surely achieve it! “Together we are much stronger and we can achieve what we propose”


ALSINA 2010-2020

Alsina completes its expansion plan and positions itself as a global benchmark in the formwork industry “Alsina fulfills its objective and consolidates its international expansion with its own presence with 33 delegations in 17 countries”


ALSINA 2000-2010

Alsina bets to expand its activity towards civil engineering and grow in Europe, Africa and America. “At this stage the company grows at the rate of a new country per year, a great challenge for the entire Alsina team”


ALSINA 1990-2000

The introduction of CAD, R&D and Marketing, together with a great commercial team, makes Alsina position itself as a benchmark in the residental construction in Spain. “Alsina celebrated its 50th anniversary by organizing a dinner for 2,500 people and its objective is to be in 10 countries in 10 years and be the tenth company in the world”


ALSINA 1980-1990

Encofrados Alsina starts to design and manufacture its own formwork. The Mecano Alisan family would be the first of many systems “Alsina invents the Mecano Alisan, its first formwork system, today it has more than 70 of its own systems”


ALSINA 1970-1980

Encofrados Alsina is born as a parallel to Maderas Alsina, distributing third parties formwork systems and Alisan Boards “In 1970 Alsina patented the Alisan Board, which has had 50 years of life, today it has 77 patents and utility models”


ALSINA 1960-1970

Maderas Alsina looks towards construction and begins to see the possibilities of recoverable formwork “In 1970 Alsina patented the Alisan Board, which has had 50 years of life, today we have more than 77 patents and utility models”


ALSINA 1950-1960

In 1950 Mr. Joan Alsina Albareda founded Maderas Alsina, a lumber warehouse for carpenters. “Alsina was founded with a capital of € 150 at the time. On the first day of activity, the turnover was 83 pesetas (equivalent to € 0.5) in three sales”