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AFECI has edited an educational course on formwork and structures


The Association of manufacturers of formworks and structures, AFECI, has created an informative video to highlight the importance of safety on the jobsite in the structures phase in order to promote a course on the same subject.

The video can be watched on AFECI’s YouTube channel, as well as other videos of the association.

Since we are one of the members of AFECI, we would like to encourage you to visit the site and the other official social media channels of the association so you can help spread the word on the social networks, and subscribe to them or follow them if they seem interesting to you.

Besides the YouTube channel mentioned above, AFECI´s official channels in social media:




Your collaboration is important, as it will allow certain improvements in the channels and will help the campaign for the informative course that will be launched soon.

Thanks for your interest and your help!


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