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Alispilar, probably the best column formwork system


Alispilar is a formwork system designed by Alsina to significantly improve the pipeline and work method for the implementation of standard columns in building projects.


This system is:

  • Lightweight: weighing 50% less than other systems while maintaining the same allowable pressure, the system allows manual assembly without crane if desired by the customer.
  • Quick and easy assembly: hence allowing a great saving of labor in the assembly and stripping of the columns. The system allows operators to connect it with only a single hammer blow that fixes the wedge and bolt, thus leaving all the panels perfectly assembled.
  • Profitable: due to its easy assembly but also because it offers a good smooth finish thanks to its phenolic formwork surface, which provides multiple advantages over metal surfaces, such as lower weight, higher concrete quality, increased performance and greater weather resistance.

In addition to sharing all these features, Alispilar is a formwork system that adapts to all markets and types of works, which explains why it has been successfully used in many projects around the world since its inception and it keeps gaining more followers every day.


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