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Alsina Be Healthy organizes a blood donation in Montcada


For the first time a blood donation campaign has been carried out inside the facilities of Alsina Montcada. This campaign, promoted by Alsina Be Healthy, was held on July 24 in the auditorium of Alsina Montada headquarters.

The Blood and Tissue Bank, which moved a team to Alsina headquarters, organized this campaign along with Alsina Be Healthy, which enabled a room so that all the beating parties had the usual conditions in this type of donations.


Decrease of donations

The objective of this campaign was to encourage all members of Alsina to donate blood to guarantee reservations, which always fall down during the holiday season.

In summer, blood donations fall by around 30% compared to the rest of the year. Many of us are on vacation, and therefore the company activity is reduced. This causes donations to decrease, although the activity of the hospitals is maintained.


Blood is a permanent need

Red blood cells expire after 42 days and platelets in only 5 days, so daily donations are needed to ensure that all patients admitted to hospitals have the blood needed for their treatments and operations, also in summer.

It is estimated that 1.000 donations are required every day to meet these needs. 41% of them go to people who have had accidents or operations. However, there are patients who need blood transfusions regularly, such as cancer patients, who receive platelets and red blood cells. In fact, these patients receive more than 50% of platelets. And every day there are 50 children who need blood to recover from a disease. Transfusions are also required for people who have chronic blood disorders, such as those affected by thalassemia, who need transfusions every three weeks.

For all these reasons we want to thank the people who have collaborated in this initiative and we hope to have more participants in the next campaigns.

Alsina Be Healthy