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Alsina presents its new line of trench shoring at the SMOPYC Fair thanks to its alliance with the Austrian company TWF


Alsina participated in a very satisfactory and fruitful way in the SMOPYC Fair in Zaragoza (Spain), an event marked by the launch and presentation in Spain of the new line of shoring systems, the result of our collaboration with TWF, an Austrian company with international presence, leader in the shoring and drilling industry.

This imposing product, up to 6.5 m high, was placed in the booth and turned it into an attraction and meeting point, where visitors could learn first-hand about the entire range of shoring products.

Our team was on hand to assist visitors, answering technical questions and providing detailed information on this new line of business. This direct interaction was a valuable opportunity to showcase the quality and potential of our shoring solutions.

This new alliance with TWF reflects our commitment to innovation and service vocation in the construction industry.

We will continue to work to be at the forefront of the industry, offering solutions that not only meet our customers’ expectations, but also set trends in the market.

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