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Alsina brings new technologies to the construction and formwork industry with the Alsina TECH range of products and projects.

Some of these products are focused on the planning phase and others on the execution phase: they aim to bring the products closer to builders, avoid planning errors, contribute to improve productivity on site and solve queries during construction.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a technology that has been in the running in recent years as the successor to CAD software. BIM is not only used to represent elements or solutions in three dimensions, but also to provide clients with information and data such as the features of materials, costs and much more in the study of their work during the construction and maintenance phase of any building or work in general.

AlsinaVR is a project within the range of Alsina Tech digital innovation projects of the Alsina Group that enables you to view our products in Virtual Reality (VR) and thus obtain information about our systems, see construction details and analyze specific works in a fully immersive way.

Alsina InTouch is a new tool based on virtual reality technology with which we can support the most unique works of our clients remotely and online.

ShowRoom360 is a virtual exhibition in three dimensions where different products and solutions of Alsina’s range are shown using photogrammetry techniques. Accessible on our website, it enables customers to discover the features and possibilities offered by our products in an interactive and immersive way without the need to move or to organize an on-site visit.

WareHouse360 is a virtual tour in three dimensions showing an Alsina warehouse and the various workstations for receiving, cleaning, conditioning and repairing our Alsina range of products using photogrammetry techniques. Accessible on our website, it enables customers to get a better idea of the characteristics of our facilities in an interactive and immersive way without having to travel to any of our warehouses around the world.

We call the set of programs that calculate and draw several of Alsina‘s systems AlsiCAD. This project started in the 1990s and now consists of a variety of add-ons and generic utilities adapted to our needs, including automatic item counts based on CAD studies.