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Alsina’s Multiform formwork system is increasingly solving more structures


Alsina’s Multiform system is a recoverable versatile formwork system that adapts to a wide range of geometries distinctive of civil works, such as bridge decks, large thickness slabs and platforms, bridges, underpasses and overpasses.

This is a modular system consisting of elements that are easily and quickly assembled through pins and connection blocks that allow the systems to adapt to all types of projects. Thus, the Multiform system offers high productivity, since once it is assembled is a very rigid system that facilitates the stripping tasks and the subsequent transfer to a new set.

There are a variety of formwork Multiform systems, such as Bridge Deck Multiform, the Multiform table (a pre-assembled system suitable for large-scale works and regular geometry surface), Vertical Multiform (for walls with straight faces with all kind of polygonal geometries and concrete finish) Circular Multiform (for curved walls with standard and special modulations and finishing concrete quality) or SCAP Multiform (for bridge pier construction) among others.


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