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Explore our Formwork Products and Solutions with Interactive 3D Experience!


We are pleased to announce to our visitors that we have taken an exciting step into the future of online visualization. Now, all of our formwork products and solutions are available in interactive 3D formats, providing you with a whole new exploration experience.

Our online platform now allows you to immerse yourself in a virtual environment, where you can interact with each formwork product in a unique way. You no longer have to rely solely on static images or technical descriptions. With our 3D models, you can rotate, zoom in, and explore every detail, giving you a deep understanding of the quality and features of our products.

Browse our online catalog and discover how Alsina’s formwork products can fit perfectly into your projects. Interested in a particular formwork? Click on it and access a unique visual experience that allows you to examine it from all angles.

At Alsina, we believe that technology and innovation are the pillars of our commitment to excellence. Interactive 3D models are just the beginning of what we plan to offer to enhance your experience when exploring our formwork solutions.

We are thrilled to invite you to discover our formwork products more immersively than ever before. Join us in this exciting new phase of online interaction. invites you to explore, discover, and experience innovation in formwork.

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