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ISO 9001 : 2015 certification

Our goal: Total Quality

From its headquarters in Barcelona, with ISO 9001:2015 Certification, the Alsina Group is expanding its working methodology at its centers all around the world, dedicated to the sale and rental of concrete formwork equipment.

  • Total Quality: proximity, processes, review and continuous improvement.
  • Alsina has one of the most comprehensive certifications on the market.
  • Recognition for the dedication and effort of the Alsina team.
  • We strive to provide effective responses to our clients.


The process of designing new systems ensures an orderly procedure in accordance with the standard:

  • Planning product realization consistent with other systems and client specifications.
  • Compliance with product standards and future technology reviews.
  • Control of product compliance pursuant to quality standards.


Manufacturing new systems involving full control:

  • Planning the manufacture of the product according to the applicable standard.
  • Selection and ongoing evaluation of our suppliers in the supply chain.
  • Quality control of the product in line with quality standards.


Marketing of our services and systems in sales and rental  rrangements requires the following:

  • Review of regulations and processes to ensure the required quality at all times.
  • Maintenance management systems through normalized and standardized processes.
  • Compliance with quality commensurate with product standards on the market.
  • Client complaint responses in accordance with the service provided.
  • Measurement and analysis of client satisfaction on a regular basis.


Control allows us to ensure the homogeneity of processes, methods and quality on a worldwide basis.

  • Research, design, manufacturing and supply of special formworks, which complement our range of standard systems.
  • Creation of CAD / IT tools, to be used exclusively by Alsina’s technician staff  worldwide.
  • Development, upon client request, of endorsed projects and structure calculations to appropriately manage the solution proposed by Alsina.


The assembly of formwork and scaffolding must be carried out pursuant to law, the equipment management and the applicable standard for each

  • Ensure compliance with the specific standard for systems used.
  • Ensure integration in the process of all the companies providing the service.
  • Ensure the quality of execution and compliance with the deadlines.


This activity requires a thorough monitoring of compliance with certifications, technical team management and the applicable regulations for each installation.

  • Perform a study prior to implementation consistent with the project and existing regulations.
  • Involvement of trained personnel commensurate with required regulations.
  • Monitoring and control of installations made to ensure their validity over time.