Steel Round Columns

Connectable circular panel with straight panel clamp

The Steel Round Columns allow for the creation of round columns or shielded columns with semicircular ends. Likewise, when the Alisply profile is on the ends, the joints are made with the GR-2 Clamp. This characteristic makes it totally compatible with the Alisply product range and offers quick and easy assembly.

OSCAR muros y pilares

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  • The metal panels support a maximum pressure of 100 kN/m².
  • Made of sheet metal with reinforcing cross beams.
  • Available sizes: Diameters from 20 cm to 200 cm, with intervals of 5 cm up to 100 cm in diameter; and with intervals of 10 cm up to 200 cm in diameter.
  • Concrete finish with smooth surface.
  • Speed and ease in assembling and dismantling formwork.

Components and accessories

  • Closes with Alisply Clamps or M19X199 Bolts plus Alu/Alis Nuts.
  • Incorporates Alu/Alis Crane Hook.

Frequent uses

  • Especially useful for columns in parking garages and civil works.


Santolea Dam
Santolea Dam

The final height of the tail dam is 50 m, and its length along the crown is approximately 190 m.

Residencial River X building
Residencial River X building

Alsina USA participated in the construction of a new residential building in the town of Fort Lauderdale (Florida).

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