A lightweight prop for heavy loads

The A-lite Prop is Alsina’s telescopic prop. It is made of aluminium and is both lightweight and strong. The A-lite Prop can be used as an independent support prop, or as part of a loading tower. The so-called bracing frame accessory has been designed to brace the A-Lite props, and safely and quickly assemble independent loading towers. Designed and manufactured in accordance with European standard EN 16031.

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Frequent uses

  • Residential and commercial buildings.
  • Slabs with higher heights than for conventional floors.
  • Heavy duty slabs and beams.


  • High load capacity in relation to its lightness.
  • It offers considerable time savings when assembling and disassembling a system.
  • Its design and accessories make it possible to work in complete safety without the need for a crane.
  • High productivity on site.
  • Made of aluminium.
  • Enables formwork for load towers thanks to the brace frame.
  • Includes a safety feature to prevent the prop shank from working loose from the thread.
A-Lite Prop (192-350 cm) / Weight: 20 kg.
Length (cm) Capacity (kN) Length (cm) Capacity (kN)
192 86 300 68
225 84 325 58
250 82 350 40
275 75

Components and accessories

  • A-Lite bracing frame.
  • Accessory for bracing with brace bar.
  • Aluflex or HT-20 beam head and Multiform steel beam.
  • 0.50 m in length.


Waste Treatment Plant
Waste Treatment Plant

Waste Treatment Plant in France

Confort urban residence
Confort urban residence

Alsina Romania participated in the construction of an important residential complex in Bucharest.

Water Tower Outeiro
Water Tower Outeiro

Alsina Portugal implemented the execution of several deposits,which involved a great technical difficulty due its revolution’s hyperboloid shape.

Sewage Treatment Plant Thomas P. Smith
Sewage Treatment Plant Thomas P. Smith

Alsina participated in the construction of one of the largest wastewater Treatment Plants being built up currently in the United States

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