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Alsina takes the pulse of its team’s commitment with a survey for all its employees


As part of the Alsina Soul program, the company has conducted the Pulse 2021 internal satisfaction survey, aimed at measuring the level of commitment or engagement of the people who make up the Alsina team worldwide, following on from a previous survey offered in 2018 and another one related to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

This activity is part of a plan aimed at gauging people’s commitment level with a view to activating levers to facilitate greater and better team cohesion on a daily basis, orienting us all toward the same business and personal goals.

The survey was very well received, achieving a high participation rate and providing a very illustrative picture in terms of ratings. These results give us a greater understanding of the current situation and enable us to continue working on improving and meeting the needs of our team members.

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