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CL Shoring

Lightweight shoring system adaptable to multiple shapes

Multidirectional support structure for slab formwork. The system features light weight, easy component assembly and a bearing capacity of up to 40 kN per support, making it an extremely useful element for the support of slab formwork, whether by means of independent towers or fixed scaffolding, depending on application requirements. Based on a scaffold with multidirectional connections used by a vast number of construction professionals.

ALEX - puntales y cimbras

What kind of post shore is best for your slabs? Let’s analyze this together!





  • Load capacity of 40 kN per support.
  • Allows configuration as fixed shoring or independent towers.
  • It can be configured to provide support for geometrically complex surfaces such as inclined slabs, semi-spherical domes or adjusted surfaces.
  • Allows adapting the distribution of the support structure to each specific application.
  • It can use phenolic boards for exposed finishes or the Alisan Board to obtain standard finishes.
  • Easy assembly with light components that can be handled by a single worker.
  • Connections with wedges minimizing the use of nuts and bolts.

Components and accessories

  • Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, bases and heads.
  • Connection elements for crane movement of mounted towers.
  • Platforms for safe assembly and dismantling.
  • Anchoring and stabilizing elements for large heights.

Frequent uses

  • Building slabs, heights greater than props.
  • Civil works: bridge platforms, lintels, capitals…
  • Special shapes.
  • Work platforms.
  • Arched steps with heavy profiling.


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