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Flexible and lightweight slab system

Innovative slab formwork system with a mixed structure of wooden and aluminium beams. It incorporates mechanized elements to increase productivity in this type of systems. The Aluflex system only uses three basic elements (Aluminium support girder with multiple U sections, HT-20 wood beam and prop) Aluflex is the ideal solution for the most cost-effective production of concrete slabs.

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Components and accessories

  • Aluminium girders.
  • HT-20 Beams
  • Props.
  • Perimeter protection.


  • Easy, fast and simple mechanical assembly system
    optimizes performance.
  • Flexible and versatile system adapts to various work
  • Braced system, when beams are secured in their
    corresponding housing, they cannot slip.
  • Gaps / positioners in the aluminium beam for housing
    secondary wood, avoiding tipping.
  • Sturdy components: Support girder made of high resistance
  • Compatible with any formworking surface- wood or phenolic
  • Allows the plywood to be nailed to the beam.
  • Ideal system for large slabs and for heights greater than one
    floor, minimizing the number of post shores.

Frequent uses

  • Any type of building slab or civil works.
  • Thick, solid or lightweight slabs.
  • Roofs with large spans between columns or walls.
  • Higher heights than can be addressed with conventional Props.
  • Large beams.
  • Exposed finish ceilings.


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