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A-33 Highway

Tunnels and Bridges
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Alsina Formwork began its collaboration in the construction of the A-33 Highway section way between Jumilla and Yecla in Spain, in charge of customer Tecozam.

The Project: road infrastructure between Jumilla and Yecla

The construction of this road infrastructure consists of 24 km highway section, divided in three subsections in which Alsina is implementing 2 underpasses and 14 overpasses (of which 8 of them are straight and the other 4 are curved).

Due to the great size and specific needs of the project, Alsina Formwork is also providing engineering, assistance and follow-up at the site. We have created more than 300 plans of assembly, done the calculation and design of the passages and solutions for the slopes and created approved projects and specific documentation for the direction of work .

Alsina: effective and versatile solutions for road infrastructures

For the implementation of the project, Alsina has supplied its AR-80 Shoring systemMultiform BoardsAlisplyHalf circular pillar and discharge wedges.

Alsina’s AR-80 shoring system is a very versatile and easy to assemble reliable support system for slab formwork implementation, consisting of vertical support elements and a system of multidirectional connections that allows providing support for both independent towers and fixed scaffolding, depending on application requirements, and annex auxiliary elements such as access stairs or safety platforms to it. This is a really strong multidirectional system, with a bearing capacity of 17.984 lbf per support, which allows shoring any structural element in civil engineering projects, as in this case where it has been used as formwork boat for bridge boards.

Multiform for Bridges is a greatly versatile horizontal formwork system adaptable to a great range of shapes for implement several structural elements on site such as: viaduct decks, slabs, underbridges and lintels or discharging beams. Multiform is designed as a modular system that, by means of the use and combination of standard elements, can be adapted to the different shapes of the project and is composed by a double UPN steel section primary beam and HT-20 type secondary wood beams to which the phenolic lining is nailed.

Project Details
Murcia, Spain
Tunnels and Bridges
Multiform Bridges, Alisply Circular, AR Shoring


Alisply Circular


Clear Filters
Toll road in Southeast Asia
Toll road in Southeast Asia

Waste Treatment Plant in France

False tunnel in Rzeszów
False tunnel in Rzeszów

Alsina’s Formwork Polish subsidiary participated in the construction of a false tunnel in the city of Rzeszów (Poland)

Railway Project
Railway Project

Alsina’s subsidiary in Morocco collaborated in the works of the Casa Kenitra railway.

Arcisate-Stabio railway
Arcisate-Stabio railway

Alsina Italy has participated in the construction of the Arcisate-Stabio railway line that will connect Switzerland to Malpensa airport.



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