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Lidl Supermarket

WE ARE one of the international leaders in the implementation of NON RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS

Alsina Formworks has started its collaboration in the construction of the most modern Lidl Supermarket in Spain. Located at the gates of the Catalan capital, in Esplugues de Llobregat, the supermarket chain will build its flagship in Spain taking advantage of the building of the emblematic restaurant Tres Molinos.

The new establishment will maintain the iconic three mills that the restaurant had. The walls of the facade will also be respected and a viewpoint will be made with a view to Barcelona.

This construction of Equipment has involved an investment of 7.5 M € and consists of a commercial area of more than 1,500 m2, 150 parking spaces and 5000 m2 of green space.

Alsina: the best solutions for the formwork of equipment

For the implementation of the project Alsina has supplied its Alucubetas and Alumecano formwork systems for the reticular slabs, and Alispilar for the execution of the columns, in addition to Alisan Props, without the need to design any product adapted to the project given the versatility of its formwork solutions.

Alucubetas is a recoverable formwork system that allows making two-way waffle slabs with reusable domes, widely used in facilities such as car parks, malls, schools, sports facilities, etc., allowing a maximum saving of concrete due to its design.

Alucubetas allows making slabs with a standard 2′-7 1/2” x 2′-7 1/2” (80×80 cm) grid (with 4 3/4” (12 cm) ribs), allowing the implementation of other rib dimensions.

Our vast experience has enabled us to reach optimal designs that provide minimum deformations, minimum breakage and maximum easiness in form removal, as well as high profitabilitythree days after pouring concrete the 80% of the elements can be recovered. A line of girders every 7′-10 1/2” (2,40 m) provides shoring until 21 or 28 days later, when the concrete reaches its characteristic resistance.

Finally, Alispilar is a formwork system designed by Alsina to significantly improve the pipeline and work method for the implementation of standard columns in building projects. This is a light but sturdy system that is quick and easy to assembly and that due to its phenolic plywood and chamfer strips (to smooth the edges) provides a high-quality concrete finish.

This is a very profitable system and adapts to all markets and typologies of projects, so it has been successfully used in many projects around the world since its inception and it’s gaining more and more followers every day.

Project Details
Barcelona, España
Non Residential Building
Alumecano, Alucubetas, Alispilar, Alisan Prop


AF10K Shoring
Reinforced scaffold
Zone Access Scissorgate
Access Passerelle
Mobile work platform
Site Stairway VX
Modular Stair Tower
Site Stair Tower
Safety railings
Life screen
Corbel 750 KN
Corbel 500 KN
Corbel 300 KN
Corbel 160 KN
Special Parts
CD35 Post-Shore
Modular system for prefabricated Beams
Friction collar
Interior Climbing System
One Sided Climbing System
C-240 Climbing System
C-160 Climbing System
One sided wall
Alisply Manual Walls
Alisply Circular
Alisply Walls
Steel Round Columns
H33 Truss
TC360 Heavy Duty Tower
Box Culvert
Mine Tunnels
Successive cantilever carriages
Multiform BOB
Vistaform Table
Multiform Table
G Europrop
Vistaform Slabs
CL Shoring
Alisply Universal
A-Lite Prop


Clear Filters
Amador Convention Center
Amador Convention Center

Alsina’s Formwork delegation in Panama collaborated in the construction of the Amador Convention Center, in Panama City.

University of Pisa
University of Pisa

The structure of the New Guidotti Educational Center of the University of Pisa.

Sailing Center
Sailing Center

The construction of the Center for High Performance Sailing is done by the Council of Tourism, Trade and Sport of the Junta de Andalucía.

Lidl Supermarket
Lidl Supermarket

Alsina Formworks collaborated in the construction of the most modern Lidl Supermarket in Spain.



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