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UTE La Aldea Project

Tunnels and Bridges
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Alsina will end later this year its collaboration with the customer UTE FCC / OHL / Sotocol in the construction of the road linking Las Palmas with the town of La Aldea. The project includes the construction of a false tunnel, for which Alsina has supplied its formwork systems and engineering solutions.

This project will connect the capital of the island with the east area, allowing the transport of goods and people on a road that until now was extremely narrow and winding.

Alsina, effective solutions for tunnel construction

Alsina Formwork has supplied its False Tunnel formwork system, composed of the AR-80 Shoring-system as a support, and the Multiform system connecting and supporting the circular vault formwork implemented with the Alisply Circular system, in addition to the Alisply Heavy Walls system for the implementation of the gable ends of this 16 linear meters false tunnel with 8 meters radius in the tunnel mouth. Alsina has provided 4 formwork modules for the vault’s shuttering.
Since this solution had already been designed a long time ago to solve these types of works with Alsina’s standard material, it has not been necessary to customize any product to suit the project, enabling the customer to benefit from Alsina’s engineering applied to building in a simple and effective way.

Alsina, adding solutions

Regarding the challenges of the project it is worth mentioning that the access to the job-site is very limited, and therefore, all systems have had to be mounted “in situ”: this has been solved using Alsina standard systems, which are easily transportable and whose assembly does not require highly qualified personnel.

On the other hand, it also noteworthy that versatility in the assembly process and the use of Alsina’s false tunnel system has significantly cut formwork usage times on site. In fact, the client was so happy with the standard solution for rent that decided to extend the equipment hired to perform the tunnel gable ends in less time.

Project Details
Las Palmas, Spain
Tunnels and Bridges
Alisply Walls, AR Shoring System, Alisply Circular


Alisply Circular
Alisply Walls


Clear Filters
Toll road in Southeast Asia
Toll road in Southeast Asia

Waste Treatment Plant in France

False tunnel in Rzeszów
False tunnel in Rzeszów

Alsina’s Formwork Polish subsidiary participated in the construction of a false tunnel in the city of Rzeszów (Poland)

Railway Project
Railway Project

Alsina’s subsidiary in Morocco collaborated in the works of the Casa Kenitra railway.

Arcisate-Stabio railway
Arcisate-Stabio railway

Alsina Italy has participated in the construction of the Arcisate-Stabio railway line that will connect Switzerland to Malpensa airport.



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