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The Alsipercha, one of the most successful fall protection systems in the construction sector, has new website.

In this new site, with a renewed design and a more intuitive navigation, you can see the new system applications that have been designed.

With almost 30 different possible combinations, the Alsipercha family of solutions provides a wide range of different applications, providing the most complete and reliable fall protection solution suitable to multiple sectors and situations.

All the videos and catalogs of each of the various solutions adapted for each use are available on the new website.

Alsipercha solutions:

Alsipercha / Alupercha + Housing tube.

Alsipercha / Alupercha + Column clamps.

Alsipercha / Alupercha + Tripod.

Alsipercha / Alupercha + MF counterweight system.

Alsipercha / Alupercha + Post for reduced spaces.

Alsipercha / Alupercha + Wall bracket.

Alsipercha / Alupercha + Mobile Base Unit (MBU).

Alsipercha / Alupercha + RAIL.


Visit the new site!