AlsiCAD | More than 30 Years with us


The origins of AlsiCAD

32 years ago Alsina was a pioneer company in the implementation of CAD. Juan Alsina saw the need to develop own programs that would speed up the study of the projects even more.

Thus, we call AlsiCAD, the set of programs that calculate and draw various AlsiTec systems into Alsina.


AlsiCAD en The actuality

Currently we have already developed multiple AlsiCAD projects and they are grouped into two categories:

  • Programs for complete systems, such as the latest and most ambitious, AlsiCAD Walls, which is capable of adapting formwork solutions to all types of walls.
  • Generic plugins and utilities adapted to our needs, among which the automatic item counts from CAD studies stand out.


Moving forward into the future

The drawing of formwork studies will continue to be automated and the available resources will be optimized to the maximum.

The softwares that have been developed recently and those that will be developed from now on incorporate the articles in 3D. In addition, they incorporate generic public information and information reserved only to our technicians.

All this is part of the steps we are taking until the new way of working: Building Information Modeling (BIM).

  • BIM is a native work environment in 3 dimensions with data integrated in the articles of the studies and solutions offered to our clients. The client accesses online the technical characteristics of each article present in the study of his work during the construction phase and the maintenance phase of any building or work in general.


In the final development phase are AlsiCAD Bridges (a software that distributes the articles to form the lower part of elevated viaducts) and AlsiCAD Slabs (an ambitious program for horizontal formwork, which brings together and improves the existing ones, and incorporates a new one: Vistaform Slabs).

Below there is a short video presentation of AlsiCAD.