Alsina, Feast day of Sant Jordi, and the dissemination of culture


Alsina sponsors the Sant Jordi NYC 2021 event, organized by Farragut Found.

Sant Jordi NYC brings the Great Catalan Book Festival to New York City.

Through digital support and in English, The Feast of Sant Jordi, and the celebration of book and love, cross borders and spread to the rest of the world.

“…From Alsina, we are fully proud to support and spread the Catalan & Mediterranean culture, that is, our roots, through this cosmopolitan and wonderful initiative, in which we can celebrate together, the day of Sant Jordi and be able to share with the rest of the world, all its charm and uniqueness…”

Since 2014, the Farragut Fund organizes Sant Jordi parties based on literary routes and readings to New York bookstores. The celebrations have always been dedicated to international literature translated into English, because under the umbrella of Sant Jordi all the literatures of the world come together, the Catalan prima inter pares.

“The novelty of this year is that the festival dedicates a chapter to the Mediterranean diet and its literature.”

Learn more about this chapter at this link:

We invite you all to visit the website of the event:


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