Alsina’s group in Spain

Encofrados Alsina is headquartered in Spain, where it operates since 1950.

We have our own facilities and highly qualified technical and human resources to collaborate on a wide range of projects.

Our service is based on the innovation, quality, safety and efficiency of our formwork systems and we offer a comprehensive and service tailored to the needs of each customer.


Our activity

Alsina bases its economic activity in the sale and rental of concrete formwork systems.

Nevertheless, exceptionally we offer the possibility of mounting complex shoring elements such as shoring and scaffolds.

In addition, we have a team focused on the design, development, manufacture and distribution of our products with the mission to ensure the quality of the services provided. Therefore, Alsina works under the ISO 9001: 2015 regulations.


Alsina solutions

Our formwork systems are designed to help construction companies to solve any concrete structure, both civil engineering and residential building:

  • Residential
  • Civil Works
  • Security
  • Mounts / Consulting
  • Technical Study
  • Technical training



Delegación Central Encofrados J. Alsina S.A.

Pol. Ind. Pla d’en Coll
Camí de la Font Freda, 1
08110 Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona)
Tel.: 935 753 000
Fax: 935 647 059
E-mail: alsina@alsina.es
Web: www.alsina.es

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Central Logística Encofrados J. Alsina S.A.

Ctra. de Caldes (C-1413), Km. 34
08181 Sentmenat (Barcelona)
Tel.: 937 153 409
Fax: 937 150 132
E-mail: alsina@alsina.es
Web: www.alsina.es

Delegación Baleares Encofrados J. Alsina S.A.

Calle Licorers, 20
Polígono Industrial Marratxi
07141 Marratxi
Mallorca (Illes Balears)
Tel.: 971 873 049
Fax: 971 514 701
E-mail: del.baleares@alsina.es
Web: www.alsina.es

Delegación Levante Sur Encofrados J. Alsina S.A.

Polígono Industrial Bajo Sombra
Calle C, Nave 46
03688 Hondón de las Nieves (Alicante)
Tel.: 965 480 651
Fax: 965 480 669
E-mail: del.levante@alsina.es
Web: www.alsina.es

Delegación Norte y Castilla Encofrados J. Alsina S.A.

Polígono Industrial de Olloniego, Parcela B-15
33660 Olloniego (Asturias)
Tel.: 985 463 816
Fax. 985 453 271
E-mail: del.mieres@alsina.es
Web: www.alsina.es

Delegación Centro Servicio de Encofrados Alisan S.A.

Paseo del Prado, 54
28343 Valdemoro (Madrid)
Tel.: 918 953 262
Fax: 918 951 090
E-mail: del.madrid@alsina.es
Web: www.alsina.es

Delegación País Vasco y La Rioja Encofrados J. Alsina, S.A.

Makoaga Bidea, 22
Polígono Belako
48100 Mungia (Vizkaya)
Tel.: 946 155 080
Fax: 946 156 309
E-mail: del.bilbao@alsina.es
Web: www.alsina.es

Delegación Andalucía Occidental Servicio de Encofrados Alisan S.A.

Polígono Industrial Poliviso
Herreros, 61 Parcela 17
41520 El Viso del Alcor (Sevilla)
Tel.: (+34) 955 749 870
Fax: (+34) 955 945 087
E-mail: del.sevilla@alsina.es
Web: www.alsina.es

Delegación Andalucía Oriental Servicio de Encofrados Alisan S.A.

Polígono Miguel Bustos Mérida
Antonio Gaudí, 3
29170 Colmenar (Málaga)
Tel.: 952 718 128
Fax: 952 731 065
E-mail: del.malaga@alsina.es
Web: www.alsina.es

Delegación Canarias (Tenerife) Encofrados J. Alsina S.A.

Barranco de Jagua – Dársena Pesquera
38180 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Tel.: 922 591 224
Fax. 922 591 214
E-mail: del.tenerife@alsina.es
Web: www.alsina.es

Delegación Aragón y Navarra Encofrados J. Alsina S.A.

Ctra. de Zaragoza a Huesca, Km. 12
50830 Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza)
Tel.: 976 186 400
Fax: 976 186 989
E-mail: del.aragon@alsina.es
Web: www.alsina.es

Delegación Canarias (Las Palmas) Encofrados J. Alsina S.A.

Pol. Ind. El Cascajo
José Tejera Santana, 1
Jinámar – Telde
35220 Las Palmas
Tel.: 928 717 464
Fax: 928 717 594
E-mail: del.tenerife@alsina.es
Web: www.alsina.es

Encofrados J. Alsina, S.A. Almacén Navarra

Polígono Industrial Morea Sur
Calle A – Parcela 62
31191 – Beriáin (Navarra)
Tel: 948 36 84 91
Fax: 948 34 26 04
E-mail: del.navarra@alsina.es
Web: www.alsina.es