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The program, recently launched in “La 2”, is produced by ICEX and follows the internationalization stories of more than 60 Spanish companies in Mexico, China, India, the United States, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates-Qatar, including Alsina Formworks, with the aim of raise awareness and motivating Spanish companies and entrepreneurs about the need to internationalize and its advantages, giving voice to companies that export or have been established in foreign markets to tell how they made the leap to internationalization. According to Francisco Javier Garzón, ICEX CEO, the program focuses on “six priority markets” with “companies of all types, which will provide the key elements of its international success”, being “paradigmatic companies that show the behavior of the Spanish economy in the foreign market “.
Alsina Formworks was part of the third chapter of “Connect with the market”, broadcasted on March Tuesday 7 and dedicated to the Spanish international market in India. This includes an interview with Germán Garnacho (Responsible of Alsina India), in which he explains what formwork is and that the company decided to bet to settle in the country because they saw there is a great deficit of houses and infrastructures in there. Alsina entered India in 2012 with a local partner and after two years settled in independently. Since then the company has been gaining recognition in the country, especially for being identified as one of the best in formwork technology, as one of its clients explains in an interview with Nitin Goel (Director of Alsina India), and this last year 2016 has had a turnover of one million euros in the country.


Alsina Formwork currently operates in 17 countries, including Saudi Arabia, Chile, United Arab Emirates, USA, Philippines, India, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Uruguay. Altogether, the company has 35 centers spread throughout the world, employing 700 people and participating in more than 3,500 works a year.


You can watch the full episode here.




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