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Alsina has developed the MHB recoverable system (Modular Hanging Beam), the only 100% reusable beam formwork system 72 hours after concreting, designed specifically for hanging beam formwork.


Modular Hanging Beam is a metal formwork system that is easy to assemble and it has been designed to solve the problems arising from the use of wood and non-recoverable beam formwork. It is made of a reinforced steel frame and phenolic formwork surface. With this new system, Alsina helps make beam formwork an orderly, safe and profitable process, since it has been planned to reduce time and improve the quality of the formwork and beam stripping process.

Modular Hanging Beam is a system designed for hand use (the maximum weight of the largest panel is 18 kg) but it highly resistant for the load that it must support (25 kN / m2). On the other hand, it is a system that considers from the beginning the shoring needed to be able to partially disassemble the formwork without affecting the struts that support the structure until it reaches resistance, allowing not only to recover the sides of the beams but also part of the bases. In addition to this, the system entails the use of consoles for emptying the structure so that operators can work properly without bending or hanging, maintaining correct ergonomics and working in a comfortable and safe way.

Modular Hanging Beam is a totally new system, unlike traditional beam formwork systems:

– Unique system with built-in recovery system.

– Logistics optimization: higher number of linear meters of beam per load unit

– Versatile system: same pieces are used to make different beam sections

– The most productive system for beam formwork with high performance efficiency of 70 linear meters per day with two assembly workers

– Fair-faced concrete finish thanks to phenolic lining

– Light and easy-to-handle system, the largest element weighs only 18 kg.


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