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Alsina Formwork has organized, along with the Construction Labor Foundation, a Conference on Safety in Formwork Systems, Control of Underpinnings in Works and Collective Protection Measures, thus responding to the need to share this knowledge due to the recent increase in rehabilitation projects, as well as the search for greater productivity in new building work, which have generated in the last years the appearance of new work techniques and protection methods of those spaces.
The conference, which was mainly aimed at workers with a technical profile and in charge of the jobsite, was held on Thursday, June 8th. It lasted three hours and offered free of charge to all its attendees a practical exhibition of the novelties, the correct choice and the use of collective protection equipment and measures, as well as the recommendations of use of said elements according to the norm.
The day began with a presentation by Emilio Lezada Pérez, from the Construction Labor Foundation, who later gave the floor to Jordi García Leache, Alsina’s Head of Training, to explain the constructive recommendations and collective protection measures regarding Horizontal Formwork, Underpinning studies, Safety accessories (including Alsina’s Alsipercha fall arrest system), Vertical two-sided formwork, Vertical one-sided formwork and Climbing formwork.

With its contribution to conferences like this Alsina wants to share its knowledge and know-how about formwork technology and the safety in its use, something that always has considered as a priority and that led the company to design systems of protection for the operators as emblematic as the Alsipercha, to improve day to day security in the construction sector.


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