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Alsina has joined the team “Here, we are Teaming”, hence becoming one of the companies supporting the Teaming initiative, an online tool dedicated to raising funds for social causes through 1 € micro donations a month. Teaming philosophy is based on the idea that with 1 €, one person cannot do much, while people can do a lot more when they unite for a common cause.

Teaming is 100% free for social causes and donors, hence all raised founds become support to the cause. This is possible thanks to the support of certain companies that, like Alsina, believe that Teaming can make a better world and so they help the initiative to support the platform (servers, human resources, security…). “Here, we are Teaming” companies donate 1000 € / year to make possible for the initiative to be able to change so many lives together.

Teaming is open to non-profit entities and private citizens, and base their concept on the possibility of donating only 1 € a month for the same cause, helping only non-profit social causes. People can raise funds without a time limit and are not required to reach a minimum of money or Teamers to use what they have collected. Monthly donations allow obtaining a regular income to the causes, which brings sustainability to the projects.

Teaming has so far gathered 129,285 Teamers, 5,609 Teaming Groups for social causes and has managed to raise € 4,171,380 for them.

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