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Alsina, protagonist in the premiere of mosIP


Alsina took part in the first edition of mosIP, the Construction Prevention Innovation Show 2022, organized by Fundación Laboral de la Construcción at its center in Béteral, Valencia. In its constant commitment to safety, Alsina was a protagonist of the first day with the workshop to explain the characteristics of the RSA manual shielding system. This system helps to create safe workspaces, implementing prevention before concrete, helping to eliminate risk at its origin and helping to limit the exposure to risks that operators are exposed to in the development of their work.

Alsina’s participation in the premiere of mosIP was completed with the conference The reality of the collective protection systems implementer, which was part of the day dedicated to Deficiencies commonly detected in the installation of collective protection systems. Construction Prevention Innovation Exhibition 2022 had the objective of putting manufacturers and construction agents in contact with related industries to show innovative solutions to improve the health and safety of workers. From Alsina we would like to thank the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción and all the team of Bétera for their commitment and help in the dissemination of innovative solutions such as the RSA manual shielding system. Many thanks also to all the attendees at our conference and workshop for your attention and interest in our systems.

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