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Alsina has published five specific magazines in English in which the company highlights their products and projects according to its typology, with the aim of presenting the information focused on the interests of each client in a clear, direct and simple manner.

magazine presents the company values ​​and mission, as well as providing clear information about all services and processes involving their comprehensive customer service and the quality assurance guaranteed by the ISO.9001 certification obtained by the company. On the other hand, Alsina emphasizes their technical office Alsitec, present briefly their formwork equipment for all types of projects and examples thereof and list all Alsina delegations in the world that allow the company to have a global presence.

magazine presents the most unique projects in which the company has participated internationally, offering a detailed explanation thereof and the engineering solutions and formwork supplied by Alsina in each case to resolve the project in a safe and effective manner.

ALSINA MECANOCONCEPT 2016 magazine focuses on the different types of projects that can be implemented with Alsina’s formwork systems, providing examples of unique works and the various formwork options offered, always considering its high productivity, efficiency and safety.

ALSINA TRANSPORTATION 2016 and ALSINA WATER 2016 magazines show the different types of unique works implemented by Alsina internationally according to each type of transport projects and water projects, explaining briefly the different formwork solutions for civil engineering and hydraulic structures offered.

These magazines were published and distributed earlier this year at Bauma 2016 Fair to present a simple and clear overview of the possibilities that Alsina formwork systems offer, and complement the general company catalog 2016 published in January.


All the magazines are available on DOWNLOADS

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