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Alsina is getting good results in 2017 in relation to its presence in social networks, especially in LINKEDIN, where the formwork company has surpassed today the three thousand followers in its professional page. This is a very positive figure considering that the new Alsina Formwork corporate site in LinkedIn is just two year old.
Alsina understands that a good use of social networks notably strengthens the communication skills of its employees in both their personal and professional environment. It is for this reason that LinkedIn has been established as one of the priority social networks to Alsina, since its professional network profile allows workers and company employees to connect with different professionals worldwide.

Thus, the results obtained so far are good news for Alsina, which closed 2016 with figures that consolidate its presence in the various social networks. Similarly, data suggest that 2017 will be a year in that the company will experience a steady growth in its social networks, which since they allow maintaining direct contact and updated information with Alsina’s customers and followers, are an indispensable complement to Alsina’s web page, which links its content to Alsina’s different profiles on social networks.

Alsina Group wants to thank all its followers on social media for their involvement and extend an invitation to all of those who are not yet part of them to continue growing together.


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