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On June 27 Alsina gave an International Technical Conference on Formwork Solutions for Building at the Society of Engineers of Santa Cruz.

Free of charge, the conference began at 19:00 and was in charge of architect Jordi Garcia Leache, Alsina’s Head of Training and Technical Documentation, who traveled from the company’s headquarters in Barcelona (Spain) for this event.

The conference was structured around the multiple formwork solutions available for building, and after exposing the different types of structures and their relationship with the formwork, and defining the most relevant concepts in the formwork process (formwork components, shoring and stripping (both partial and total) and Constructive Processes -clearing and re-shoring-) it was focused on:

  • Two-sided vertical formwork systems
  • Horizontal formwork systems (linear system for beams (VCM), complete plant system for reusable domes (Alucubetas), pre-assembled industrialized system (formwork table).
  • Shoring systems (Post-shores and Alisan Scaffold)
  • Reusable domes, tables and beam system.
  • Research project on successive plants shoring and constructive recommendations.

Jordi Garcia is a Senior Architect at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona. He is a lecturer in several learning institutions in the world, and he is also responsible for welcoming students from different institutions masters, diplomas and other related courses to the areas of engineering and Architecture at the company headquarters in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Garcia Leache has also worked leading the design of “Formwork works manual ” project developed by Alsina and the Construction Labor Foundation in Spain, and has also participated in the “Technical and Experimental Study on the Distribution of Loads in Horizontal Formwork”, carried out in collaboration with the Institute of Concrete technology (ICITECH) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Ministry of Education and Science of Spain.

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