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Like every year, Alsina has updated their ISO 9001:2008 Certification. The news is that the company’s Engineering Services has been expressly included within the scope of the ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

During the audit, it has been verified that these activities are now standard procedure in the company’s process. This service places the company as a referent in the business and provides a much appreciated added value for our customers.

The engineering activities included are:

  • Research, design, manufacturing and supply of special “ad hoc” formworks, which complement and improve Alsina’s range of standard systems.
  • Creation of IT tools, to be used exclusively by Alsina techs, and which allow for real-time communication to provide knowledge for integral solutions all over the world.
  • On site consultancy for those projects which require complex assembly and which should be dealt with by qualified technicians to guarantee that construction is carried out with the highest of standards.
  • Development, upon client request, of endorsed projects to appropriately manage the solution designed for said client all the while guaranteeing the quality of the project.
  • Development, upon client request, of Structure Calculations, which ensure that the solution proposed by Alsina’s tech department meets appropriate regulations on each site.

Once all necessary auditing has been carried out by BV Certification, the new scope of Alsina’s ISO Certification reads as follows: “Design, Manufacturing, Engineering and Commercial Services (Purchase and Rental) of concrete formworking Equipment. Provision of Scaffolding and Formwork Assembling services. Implementation of Collective On-Site Safeguards”.

The scope of the certification attests to the maturity and efficacy of the Alsina Group’s Quality Management System. At the same time, it ratifies its commitment to project management and continuous improvement. The certificate has been granted by BV Certification, Spain’s leading certification entity, experienced and world-renowed, under the ENAC accreditation.

It is thus that the entire Alsina team’s effort and dedication is internationally recognized, during their constant strive to become a worldwide leading company in the formwork business, due to their technological innovation, as much as to the quality of their product, offering a wide range of solutions for concrete structures, which help their clients to enhance the efficiency and safety in their projects, by providing committed, hands-on service in the Global Market.

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