Alsina wins the 2021 Best Business Practices award


The “Diada dels Enginyers” was held by the Official Association of Engineers of Catalonia on July 1st at the Sant Pau Recinto Modernista in Barcelona with the theme of “let’s lead the technology evolution for world progress and people”.

This event, which was presided by the Honorable President of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Pere Aragonès, focused on the work done by professional engineers during the major health crisis.

Encofrados Alsina received the creativity award for best business practices for “improving management and installation through a modular metal solution for installing large-scale prefabricated beams on site”. This award highlights the company’s tireless innovation efforts, always seeking to offer solutions that improve the productivity and efficiency of on-site construction methods.

This innovative modular metal solution responds to a market niche in which factory prefabrication and transport is inefficient, and in situ formwork in the beam’s final position is also not possible.

With this new system, Alsina intends to “create an on-site beam factory” to produce “km 0” beams, right next to their final location, avoiding long heavy transport, especially via ship and polluting vehicles. It is therefore a sustainable and economical solution aligned with the standards of the environmental agendas of countries and of the construction sector in particular.

In major projects like bridges and roads that use repetitive structure types, Alsina offers sustainable modular formwork solutions for manufacturing concrete elements on site. With the goal of industrializing processes, as well as complying with established production, quality and safety standards, Alsina helps make its customers’ projects viable in logistical, economic and environmental terms.

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