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Alsina Solutions = Friendly Forms :)

Alsina is committed to the development and constant innovation of new formwork systems that add value to the market. Over 150 Alsina patented solutions have helped industrialize the formwork sector. Alsina offers a team of people and facilities that are in close contact with our clients and develop the best formwork solutions.

– Multiple solutions for safe and productive slabs.
– Experts in solving wastewater treatment projects.
– Proven experience in all kinds of civil works.
– Full range of solutions for marine Works.


Residential Buildings

A key to Alsina’s expansion is based on the implementation of its slab formwork systems.

Mecano Alsina includes a full range of slab formwork systems, which are designed and perfected to offer on-site profitability exceeding the usual woodbased systems.

More than 10,000 completed projects make us the leader in the Mecano system market.


Non Residential Buildings

We offer a complete service in order to optimize implementation time and costs for each project.

We offer the most cost-effective formwork for slabs and other Alsina solutions for walls, columns and scaffolding.

Our systems are used in office buildings, hotels, museums, sports centers, health centers, schools and universities, among others.


Water Treatment

Alsina is a leader in the implementation of wastewater treatment plants, desalination plants and water works in general.

The productivity of our systems in this type of work is crucial; in addition, there is also the development of special solutions for complex issues.

The experience of having worked on over 750 projects is proof of our ability to tackle this type of projects.


Civil Works

The constant supply of civil engineering equipment enables us to offer one of the most comprehensive services on the market.

We effectively solve overpasses, viaducts, road widening, piers, abutments, tunnels, cut-and-cover tunnels, etc.

Presa Santolea / Santolea Dam


We have contributed our engineering capability in all these projects, whether conducting solutions that complement our formwork systems or adapting existing ones to the needs of each project and client.

The execution rates, along with solutions adapted to the environment, have allowed us to successfully solve many works of this kind.

FOTO Puerto de Blanes (España) – Blanes Port (Spain) (3)


Alsina has implemented various projects related to the maritime environment: port silos, dock expansions, maritime barriers, port lights, capping beams, dam walls and the construction of dikes to cope with the force of the sea.

In addition to our own experience and solutions, we offer the range of goods of the Rúbrica company, having reached an agreement with the same that allows us to expand our range of maritime activities.