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Josep Alsina, Alsina’s Managing Director, was interviewed by AmecExport magazine, which includes a two-page report on its “Hidden Champions” section on the formwork company successful internalization process on its July 2016 issue.

The interview, performed by Paula Mateu, highlights the family nature of the company, which has been growing generation after generation, and the changes it has undergone, especially during the last two decades, when Alsina’s second generation, then consisting of the three brothers at the head of the company, decided it was time to expand their activities to other countries.
The decision, which coincided with the company’s 50th anniversary, has proved successful, and fifteen years later the formwork company has expanded to 17 countries, among which are Saudi Arabia, Chile, UAE, USA, Philippines, India, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Uruguay. Nowadays the company has 35 centers around the world, employs 700 people, and participates in over 3.500 projects a year.

The decision also proved to be crucial for Alsina, since it ceased to rely exclusively on the Spanish construction market, which probably saved the company from ending up like other ones when the crisis erupted a few years later.
“If we had wanted to internationalize at the outbreak of the crisis, we would not have had time to do so, it would have been too late,” notes Josep Alsina in the interview. However, the adventure was beginning to bear fruit and that made it possible for the Catalan formwork company to withstand the onslaught.
This strategic move before the crisis, along with the decision to diversify into civil work paid off, and nowadays international markets represent over 75% of the company’s turnover while turnover in Spain has come to represent less than 25%.

In the interview, Josep Alsina also explains how the company experienced its internationalization process, which was first chosen for Latin America because of the shared language and cultural proximity, with the added value that Latin American markets offered very good prospects at the time. But the most significant boost for the process has been the presence of workers wanting to start an adventure bringing the company to those countries, a key support that has allowed a successful process by ensuring Alsina could maintain its hallmark support: the attentive and close service to its customers.

As pointed out by Josep Alsina, Alsina plans currently focus on consolidating the markets in which the company is present, since the expansion process has required heavy investment, which has only been possible thanks to a very prudent financial management. “Now it ‘s time to digest,” says Alsina, while acknowledging, however, that the company already has “temptations” to establish itself in new markets in which to bring their formwork solutions forms and, above all, their values.
For more information, you can read the full interview in the following link (Spanish language): entrevistaalsina_hiddenchampions_amecexport44




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