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Construcción Latinoamericana, a reference magazine for the construction industry in Latin America, included Alsina’s Modular Hanging Beam system in its article titled “Molding with inventiveness” (volume 6, number 8). The article, which focuses on the formwork systems industry’s development of new products that increase the finish quality of the structures and speed up the stage of the construction process, explains the innovation that the Friendly Beam VCM creation by Alsina implies in the beams’ formworking process.

Thus, Alsina’s Friendly Beam is presented as the perfect solution for the specific challenges arisen while implementing hanging beams and the delays that these usually cause on the jobsite.
The Friendly Beam is distinguished from other systems by its ability to adapt to different beam shapes due to its adjustable side panels, so that the system can mold a beam with one side greater than another. In addition, once the panel of a beam is assembled, the same panel can be turned over and applied without disassembly to another beam that is not parallel to the first, so the process and productivity of the beam forming work is greatly increased. The turning of an entire Friendly Beam formwork is possible just because the materials are very light: they have metallic panels and phenolic surface, resulting in a proportion of 22 kilograms per square meter of reinforced panel. Its resistance to concrete pressure, meanwhile, is high: 25 kN / m2.
On the other hand, the article emphasizes the interesting possibility that the Friendly Beam VCM offers to avoid re-shoring the beam after the formwork has been uncased, which together with the union of the panels by using a manual clip results in a very productive system, generating a very significant time saving in the beam’s formwork process.

The Friendly Beam VCM is the first internationally exported beams formwork system and is particularly useful in countries with high seismology, such as the United States and the West Coast of Latin America.
Alsina is currently supplying its Friendly beam VCM system for the implementation of several successful projects in Peru, Mexico and Chile, where its use is being strongly implemented.

You can read the complete article by clicking here. (Spanish language)

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