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  • Through this guide published earlier this year, the Association of Formwork and Shoring Manufacturers, AFECI, sets out their formwork safety and quality standards.
  •  The publication is available for free consultation on AFECI’s website:

In this information guide, AFECI describes the formwork safety and quality standards developed by the association itself, whose purpose is to enhance the safety and quality of the formwork and shoring equipment and all complementary services with the aim of reducing the high accident sectorial rate. This covers all aspects that have a more direct and relevant impact on the safety and quality of equipment and the services associated with rental. It should be noted that these technical safety and quality standards while using formwork and formwork equipment are of voluntary application for its members. The publication is available for free consultation through the association’s website.


The Association of formwork and shoring manufacturers, AFECI, was founded in 1998 with the aim of promoting the professionalism of the guild and the work of its members. AFECI is the support platform for companies specializing in formwork and shoring activities. The association’s main objectives are to encourage the recognition of the activities of formwork and shoring manufacturers, as well as to create a professional network throughout the national territory through regular meetings.

Likewise, AFECI focuses on improving the training of company personnel and preparing new staff for joining the union; informing about the different working methods of the guild, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them; promoting the permanent formation of the personnel of the companies of the guild and the cooperation of all the related agents (manufacturers, engineering, Public Administration…) in the development of the guild. AFECI’s values are based on transparency, professional ethics, environmental sustainability and, ultimately, a continuous improvement of its products, processes and services, aimed at improving the productivity, quality and safety at work of all its associates and users.

Link to other entities

AFECI is part of a large business network, forming part of other entities and collaborating with other related organizations (public and private) in order to seek synergies and obtain mutual benefits.

Thus, AFECI is a member of the Spanish Confederation of Associations of Construction Products Manufacturers, CEPCO, forming part of the 21 national associations representing the different families of construction materials.

Likewise, AFECI promotes products standardization and certification, making it a direct corporate member of the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification, AENOR.

AFECI is also present in the National Confederation of Construction, CNC, through its integration in CEPCO, thus transferring all the information of the sector to its members.

Through the CNC itself, AFECI is part of the Labor Foundation of Construction, FLC, a parity organization that also integrates the most representative trade unions, created by the construction sector for the harmonized training development of the workers. The collective is represented in the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations, CEOE, the organization that brings together all associations, federations and business confederations, through CEPCO.

Finally, all companies integrated in AFECI are accredited for the specialized activity of equipment rental and are integrated in the Spanish Association of Machinery and Equipment Rental, ASEAMAC, which in turn is also part of the European Rental Association, (ERA).


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