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Alsina has recently held its third trade anual meeting between employees of the several company delegations distributed throughout Latin America And Central America.

The meeting, held from the 18th to the 20th of October in the city of Lima (Peru) brought together commercial and technical staff, as well as country and area managers from Alsina’s Latin-American and Central American delegations: Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Mexico and Panama.

During the event they participated in many different activities, among which were the meetings where attendees commented on the most relevant commercial and technical issues of each delegation, as well as their different experiences and relationships in each of the countries where the company operates.

It should be noted that Latin America and Central America have been key factors in the company’s international diversification going on during recent years, basing the entry into new markets in the experience of the group and its engineering and safety solutions in the field of concrete formwork.
Latin America and Central America were the first places in which the formwork company bet on while undergoing its internationalization process, due to the shared language and cultural proximity, as well as for the added value that Latin American and Central American markets offered very good prospects at the time. But the most significant boost for the process was the presence of workers wanting to start an adventure bringing the company to those countries, a key support that allowed a successful process by ensuring Alsina could maintain its hallmark support: the attentive and close service to its customers through its comprehensive service.

Thanks to these employees and those who have been joining the company during this journey, Alsina has been building a name and has earn the trust of its builder customers over the years in each of the countries in which it operates.

By organizing this meeting of all Latin America and Central America workers, Alsina wants to join synergies and experience to move forward and keep growing as a company in the different countries, as we have been doing so far.




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