Additional information regarding Data Protection in the Alsina Group


Which companies are part of the Alsina Group for the purposes of Data Protection?
According to the definition contained in article 4.19) of the European Regulation that regulates the processing of personal data and its free circulation, and exclusively for the processing of Personal Data, the following companies form part of the Alsina Group:

  • Encofrados J. Alsina, S.A., having its registered office at Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona), Polígon Industrial Pla d’en Coll, Camí de la Font Freda, 1 08110 with Taxpayer Identification No A08332363.
  • Servicio de Encofrados Alisan, S.A., with its registered office at Valdemoro (Madrid), Polígono Industrial, Paseo del Prado, número 54 and Taxpayer Identification No A78483179.
  • Servicio de Implantación de Sistemas de Seguridad, S.L.U., having its registered office at Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona), Polígon Industrial Pla d’en Coll, Camí de la Font Freda, 1 08110 and Taxpayer Identification No B66891391.
  • All the subsidiaries, both national and foreign, of the above, understood to mean all those companies or enterprises that are under the control of the above. You can access an updated list of the different countries in which the Alsina Group is located, as well as find the data of each subsidiary on the website, in the “Alsina Subsidiaries” section.

Who is your data controller?
The data controller will be the Spanish company with which you have maintained any type of contractual or pre-contractual relationship for obtaining goods or products and/or providing the services marketed by the Alsina Group.

Postal address (in all cases): Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona), Polígon Industrial Pla d’en Coll, Camí de la Font Freda, 1 08110.

Telephone: (+34) 935753000.

Contact e-mail:

What do we process your personal data for?
At Alsina we process the information provided by interested parties in order to:

  • Manage the sending of information requested of us concerning the products and services we offer or about other aspects related to the Group.
  • Complete the orders received by you corresponding to the products and services that we offer.

How long will we keep your data?
The personal data provided will be kept as long as the commercial relationship is maintained, its deletion has not been requested by the interested party and for no longer than necessary to fulfil the purposes of the processing. If we have not maintained relevant contact with you for a period of two years, we will delete your personal data from our systems.

As an exception to the above, your data may be retained:

  • For the purpose of the bringing, exercise or defence of claims.
  • To protect the rights of another natural or legal person.
  • At the request of any authority (for example, the tax authority) or in anticipation of any potential litigation.
  • For reasons of important public interest of the European Union or the corresponding Member State.

What is the legitimacy for the processing of your data?
The legal basis for the processing of your data is that it is necessary for the performance of the contract and/or for the application of pre-contractual measures related to the supply of material and/or the provision of services offered by the Alsina Group company that performs the processing.

Who will your data be disclosed to?
The data will be disclosed to other companies included in the Business Group for internal administrative purposes, including the processing of personal data of customers or employees.

As a general rule, we do not envisage transferring your personal data to a third country or international organisation. If such a transfer occurs, the interested parties will be informed of the conditions that affect the transfer and of the existence or absence of an adequacy decision on the part of the Commission with respect to the third country or international organisation.

What are your rights when you provide us with data?
Anyone has the right to obtain confirmation as to whether any company of the Alsina Group is processing personal data that may or may not concern them.

Interested parties have the right to access their personal data, as well as to request the correction of inaccurate data or, where appropriate, request its deletion when, for among other reasons, the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. Likewise, they may obtain a copy of the personal data that has been processed, for which a reasonable fee may be requested based on administrative costs. This copy will be provided in a structured format that is commonly used and mechanically read.

In certain situations (for example, in the event of unlawful processing of your data or in the event of withdrawal of consent), the interested parties have the right to ask us to “delete” it. We will respond to your request within 30 days (although, in certain cases, we may extend it) and we will only refuse when a series of specific conditions apply. Once your data is deleted, in general, we assume that you prefer us to enter your name in the register of people who do not wish to be contacted. In this way, we will minimise the possibilities of contacting you in the future when your data is collected in a different situation. If you prefer us not to do so, please expressly inform us when requesting the deletion of your data.

In certain circumstances, such as, for example, when the accuracy of the data is contested and during the data verification period, interested parties may request the limitation of the processing of their data, in which case we will only keep it for the bringing or defence of claims.

In certain circumstances and for reasons related to their particular situation, the interested parties may object to the processing of their data. The company or companies of the Alsina Group that are performing the processing will cease processing the data, except for compelling legitimate reasons, or the bringing or defence of possible claims.

In the event of disagreement regarding the processing of their personal data, interested parties may file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, the body that holds Supervisory Authority in the matter, located at Calle Jorge Juan, 6, CP 28001, Madrid.

When we have obtained your consent to process your personal data in relation to certain activities or commercial communications, you may withdraw your consent at any time.

Interested parties may exercise these rights at any time by sending a letter accompanied by a photocopy or an image of your current National Identity Document or by email to the address or in hard copy to “Departamento de Sistemas del Grupo Alsina – Protección de Datos Personales” a Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona), Polígon Industrial Pla d’en Coll, Camí de la Font Freda, 1 08110.

How did we obtain your data?
We collect your personal data in three main ways:

  1. directly through you;
  2. through other companies of the Alsina Group
  3. through third parties

The categories of data that is processed are:

  • Identification data.
  • Contact details.
  • Identification codes or keys.
  • Postal and/or email addresses.
  • Commercial information.
  • Economic data.

Specially protected data is not processed.