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New Alsina Customer satisfaction survey


Alsina is in the process of updating and improving its customer satisfaction surveys with the firm goal of expanding the scope of the project and using the answers to improve its service.

This project revolves around three key points:

  1. Automating surveys
    1. This will allow customers to do the surveys in a more convenient and agile way.
  2. Expanding the scope of the project
    1. Surveys will be done in all the group subsidiaries so we can analyze the opinions of each country / region separately and adapt the measures to be taken to each case.
  3. Standardizing data
    1. Alsina has designed a data dashboard to thoroughly study the data and make the right decisions that will result in improved customer service.


The surveys contain a total of 20 questions divided into 6 blocks.

We trust that our customers will help us improve our services by taking part in this survey. Knowing your opinion is very valuable to us.

By analyzing all the information received, the company will be able to more accurately adjust the range of services and solutions to the needs of all customers and business areas.

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