New video of Alisply – M Plus, Alsina’s portable solution for the formwork of walls and columns

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Alsina has just released its new video of the Alisply – M plus system where you can see the most important characteristics of this system, making it the ideal choice for wall and column formwork projects.


Manuportable wall formwork

This is undoubtedly the main feature of the Alisply – M Plus. It is a system designed to be transported manually by the operator and not depend exclusively on the crane.

Its panels are light (30 kg / m2) and allow a pressure of up to 60 kN / m2 complying with DIN 18218.


A versatile system with few references

Since its initial approach, Alsina’s R&D department has worked on a system oriented to have few references that could be combined between them to maximize the possibilities of wall and column formwork solutions.

Thanks to have few references, the Alisply – M Plus assembly process is easy and intuitive. The panels are joined with the already known Alisply Clamp (it is one of the star elements of the Alisply family due to its simplicity and speed of assembly). As a result, the assembly of the Alisply-M Plus acquires very high productivity rates.

Despite having very few references, the wide range of modulations that the Alisply – M Plus has make it functional to solve an endless number of structures. The panels can be used in vertical or horizontal position to be able to adapt to the geometry of the project.


For more information, you can download the new Catalog at this link.


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