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Alsina is committed to the development and constant innovation of new formwork systems that add value to the market. Over 150 Alsina patented solutions have helped industrialize the formwork sector.

Alsina offers a team of people and facilities that are in close contact with our clients and develop the best formwork solutions.

A large experience with multiple solutions for all types of solid slabs, lightened slabs and hanging beams.

Shoring elements for slab formwork systems. And also with an extensive variety of Props and Shoring Systems supporting different loads.

Formwork systems for all kinds of columns: light, with crane, metallic. Alsina has a wide range of solutions compatible with all types of works and needs.

Alsina has a range of systems designed to facilitate the safe execution of vertical elements in height.

There is a safety division within the range of Alsina’s systems. For this, we have designed multiple systems to access the work site, transit through it and perform work safely.

From shuttering boards and systems for moving material on the work site to consumables used to implement walls, one sided walls and climbing platform walls.