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Alsina Basics brings together the components and consumables most commonly used by our clients on site during the execution phase of structures, to be used with or without our systems or independently.

From shuttering boards, phenolic plywood, shoring systems and systems for moving material on the work site to consumables used to implement walls, one sided walls and climbing platform walls.


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Formwork sheets

Formwork sheets: wide range of formwork sheets, Alsina Basics answer to the most demanding concrete surface finish needs, allowing the choice that best suits the work needs economically, either by number of applications required or by the its intended use.
Thanks to its wide range of mechanical characteristics, types of woods and panel constructions, our clients will always find the panel they need for their work in Alsina’s catalog of formwork sheets.


Formwork components: We make available to our customers a wide range of consumables and high consumption components on site, compatible with any formwork, from formwork release agent, nails, spacers, to tie bars and plates, including products of recognized prestige. such as: Pecafil, Stabox, Fradiflex and Stremaform from “Max Frank”, liners from “Valero”, or “Rivestop”

Scaffolding components and safety

Scaffolding components and safety: Our customers´ safety is always our first priority, that’s why Alsina Basics offers under-slab nets, rebar mushrooms, scaffold bracing tubes & fittings, etc.
Maximum safety level always whatever you do at work!

  • Scaffolding clamps and ties
  • Security component
    •    Harness
    •    Slings
    •    Strings
    •    Tensor
    •    Underfloor nets
    •    Low forged wheel anchor
  • Security expendable:
    •    Guardrail plastic cartridge
    •    Mushrooms

At Alsina, the quality control of our products is a priority, we test all the products that we offer to our clients under rigorous quality controls based on European regulations.

In the case of Plywood, we carry out the following tests: Modulus of elasticity in bending and Bending strength, Wear Resistance (Taber Test), Bonding quality, Impact Test, Moisture Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Screwing test

Based on European regulations: EN 310: 1993, EN 789: 2004, EN 1058: 2009 (confirmed 2014), EN 314-2: 1993 (confirmed in 2013), EN 315: 2000 (confirmed 2014), EN 324 – 1: 1993, EN 324-2: 1993

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