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multiform vertical

High quality architectural finishes

A reusable formwork system for straight-faced or circular-faced walls with all sorts of polygonal shapes and exposed concrete finish. The equipment is configured specifically according to the load to bear, which can be greater than that of steel frame walls.

OSCAR muros y pilares

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Frequent uses

  • All types of straight walls with architectural finishes.


  • It can be used for both straight and circular walls.
  • Uses the same metal primary beams as the Multiform system, consisting of DUPN-120 with holes in the core.
  • HT-20 secondary beam made of wood.
  • Wide range of gibs and connections enabling different types of joints to be made, for internal and external modules, at different angles.
  • Joints between beams and gibs are done quickly by means of pins.
  • Joining primary and secondary beams is done with the HT connector, which allows the connection to be made quickly by tightening a single bolt.
  • Different types of modules can be assembled depending on the pressure, varying the type of lining and the distance between beams.
  • The great variety of beam lengths makes it possible to install a wide range of modules.
  • Significant space and transport savings.
  • Use of the Vistaform system’s MCR Clamp to tighten and seal joints.

Components and accessories

  • MCR lifting bracket for moving modules.
  • Vistaform system security console.
  • Walkway bracket.
  • Prop aligners.


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Benta Berri station

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Rambla Portuaria Viaduct

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