Springform Column

Reusable circular column with manual handling without the need for a crane

A system for the formwork of cylindrical columns consisting of a fibreglass mould with a single vertical joint. The closing system is made with wedges and bolts, one hit with a hammer closes the column. The Springform Round Column System is cost-effective on site; it is an ideal product for making a large number of columns with the same mould.

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  • Made of polyester and fibreglass, it withstands a maximum radial pressure of 11,500 Kg/m2.
  • The thickness of the fibreglass material increases as the diameter of the formwork increases, from approximately 3 mm to 6 mm. All sizes are reinforced with additional thickness in the brace area.
  • Concrete finish with smooth surface.
  • A single vertical joint in the column.
  • Speed and ease in assembling and dismantling formwork.
  • High performance on site: 100 uses, far superior to other systems made of wood, cardboard, steel,…
  • Lightweight, no crane required for handling.

Components and accessories

  • Lifting bracket for use with a crane.
  • Chamfer strip with fins for the column finish.
  • Range of Aligners.

Frequent uses

  • Very typical for construction with numerous circular columns.


Residencial River X building
Residencial River X building

Alsina USA participated in the construction of a new residential building in the town of Fort Lauderdale (Florida).

Kronos Building
Kronos Building

Alsina España Cataluña participated in the construction of a residential complex in the city of Badalona (Barcelona).

El Encanto housing complex
El Encanto housing complex

The project consists of the construction of an apartment building in the first line of the Caribbean Sea in the hotel zone of Cancun.

Jade Park Residential
Jade Park Residential

Alsina’s formwork delegation in Paraguay collaborated in the construction of the Jade Park Residential Complex in the city of Asunción

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