Lightweight prop ideal for lightweight slabs

Alsina has a range of telescopic props with measurements between 1.5 and 6 metres that can be used with all formwork systems, whether from Alsina or other manufacturers.

ALEX - puntales y cimbras

What kind of prop is best for your slabs? Let’s analyze this together!





  • Manufactured with high-quality steel tube S275JR.
  • The bases, the thread and the pin are also made of steel.
  • The tube of the prop is painted in polyester paint to protect from outdoor conditions, prolonging use on site.
Prop Height (m) maximum / minimum Weight (Kg) No rel. / Rel. Load (kN)
6m 6.0 / 3.6 31 10.1 / 33.2
 5 m 5.20 / 3.55 18.58 9.3 / 23.5
4 m 4.0 / 2.45 11.25 6.0 / 16.4
3 m 3.10 / 1.80 10 11.1 / 19.9
1.5 m 1.50 / 1.0 5.48 9.6 / 11

Components and accessories

  • Tripod.

Alisan Tripod
Support element that helps in the setting up of the floor and can be used with all of Alsina’s slab formwork systems. It is very simple to position as it has a closing system with no need to use threaded parts; one hit of a hammer closes and opens the hook ensuring the stability of the props during the setting up of the floor.

Frequent uses

  • Bidirectional slabs with or without reusable and unidirectional coffer.


Alexander Boulevard
Alexander Boulevard

Alsina’s formwork delegation in Uruguay collaborated in the construction of the Alexander Boulevard apartment building in Punta del Este (Uruguay).

Lidl Supermarket
Lidl Supermarket

Alsina Formworks collaborated in the construction of the most modern Lidl Supermarket in Spain.

Confort urban residence
Confort urban residence

Alsina Romania participated in the construction of an important residential complex in Bucharest.

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